An African proverb puts it this way:

Knowledge is like a baobab tree; no matter how much you try, your arms cannot fully go round it.

African Proverb

You can never know it all.

As bloggers, freelancers or authors, we all need to keep learning from others in order to keep improving. And with improvement comes more success.

That is why personally, I love to research and get more of the most valuable information about my trade out there.

The links below represent a good chunk of what I’ve been up to since I started this journey.

I keep getting back to them any time I need greater insights.

And I know you too will find them most useful. I wish you profitable learning!

1. Freelance Business Resources (2020 update)

  • You need not look any further for your ultimate guide to freelancing success.

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2. Blogging Industry – Facts & Figures

Some of the figures will shock you.