Google Adsense Earnings at Risk – Easily Fix Ads.txt Issues

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How do you fix Adsense earnings at risk? What should you do when you’re told you need to fix some ads. Txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your income?

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Quick answer. Grab the appropriate WordPress plugin, install and activate it, download ads.txt from the Adsense home (warning) page, open, copy and paste it inside a field in the plugin and click save. That’s it. Problem solved. End of the matter.

Long and Clearer Answer – Let’s Continue

Are you looking for a clear, simple and easy solution to the above question? Maybe you are a blogger who has finally got your Adsense account approved. You started punching the empty air with your fists – both of them – only to have this red alarm warning from Google Adsense:

Earnings at risk; you need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your income.

Goose pimples.

Your eyes quickly pop out of their sockets? And you begin to experience this sinking feeling deep inside your belly.

Sometimes too, you’ve been seeing your Adsense revenue grow for some time now. Then, out of the blue, Google Adsense shows you this warning.

Fixing Ads.txt is not rocket science.

You begin to wonder. Is this a huge problem that could dash your dream of making an income from your blog?

No, not at all. You can stop your earnings with Google Adsense from being at risk. Very quickly.


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If you’re like me a couple of years before, then your problem is this. You don’t have any idea about this whole ads.txt file thing Google is asking you to fix. Moreover, the very last thing you ever wanted to do on your website at this early stage is the technical side of blogging.

All you ever wanted is to create relevant content and quickly start monetizing the traffic that comes to benefit from that content. This is why it gets really scary when you’re told to “add the ads.txt file to your root domain“! Whaaat?!?

I was in your shoes not too long ago. And I can tell you this with all certainty. Almost every new blogger who applies to join Adsense will encounter this warning at one time or the other.

On my part, after fixing this Adsense earnings at risk warning quite a few times, I now do it relatively easily.

Yes, to fix Adsense earnings at risk Ads. Txt file issues isn’t that difficult. And I’m here to take you through a few simple steps to fix Ads. Txt file issues in Adsense.

Please note that my simple solution to the Adsense earnings at risk warning is principally for WordPress users.

However, you can benefit from the guidelines below if you’re a blogger asking how do I fix Ads txt in Blogger or Squarespace, for example.

What causes this warning?

There are, at least, two possible causes.

  • Your Adsense account has just been approved. So this forms part of the necessary steps you need to take to effectively monetize your blog via Adsense display ads, among others.
  • You’ve already got ads.txt implemented but you have been making some technical changes (like playing around with some plugins). In the process, your ads.txt files got deleted or corrupted without you knowing.

Now, I want you to sit back and relax for just a couple of minutes. I’m about to show you how I easily fix Adsense earnings at risk by solving the ads.txt files issues in WordPress.

Follow the below steps to fix Adsense earnings at risk.

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Look for, and click Plugins – Add New
  • You will see a search box on the Plugins page
  • Type “Advanced Ads” inside it.
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Click “Activate”
  • Now Advanced Ads is ready to create and house your Ads.txt file.
  • Go back to your Google Adsense home page. I mean exactly the page where the earnings at risk warning is.
  • Click “Fix Now”
  • You will see a “DOWNLOAD” link at the bottom of the warning window.
  • Click “DOWNLOAD”
  • Give it a few seconds to finish downloading to your computer/device
  • Look for the downloaded file icon – it should be lying somewhere at the bottom left corner of your computer screen. You can also find it among your downloads on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded file by simply clicking “Open”

I always select a Word Document to download mine.

  • You will see a very short single-line file.
  • Copy this file.

Now you may close that window.

So far, so good …

  • Return to your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Look for Advanced Ads somewhere in the menu
  • Click “Settings” in the dropdown under Advanced Ads
  • You will see the Advanced Ads Settings window open in front of your eyes.

There is a row of clickable settings items on this page. Find Ads.txt at the far end on the right.

  • Click “ads.txt”

It will take you down to the bottom of this same page.

You will see an empty rectangular field.

  • Paste the file you copied from your computer into this field.
  • Look down and you will see SAVE SETTINGS ON THIS PAGE …
  • Click this “SAVE SETTINGS …”

Make sure to see a confirmation on the screen that your settings have been saved successfully.

You will now see a short report under that rectangular field telling you where you can find your ads.txt files. It is a link with a structure like this:

YOUR URL/ads.txt

  • Heave a sigh of relief. Make it huge, if you like.

You’ve just done it. I mean you have successfully fixed the problem about your Adsense earnings being at risk.

Earnings at risk warning not going away?

It may take a couple of hours for that warning to disappear from your Adsense home page. But it will. So do not be disappointed if you go back there immediately after all this and still find it staring in your face. It will go away eventually.

One more important thing

PLEASE NOTE: Do not deactivate or delete the plugin after this. Doing so will mean you’ve effectively deleted your ads.txt file. In that case, you must expect to be told to resolve the Adsense earnings at risk issue all over again.

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