Personal Excellence Through Self-Leadership

It isn’t uncommon to see people who were held in awe for their brilliant academic performance during their student days struggle in real life.

I have always thought that this shouldn’t be the case. If only school had taught us differently.

Then we can do a lot more beyond merely obtaining paper certificates that we carry around looking for non-existent jobs.

I believe that true learning must give each individual the tools for the real business of everyday living.

Learning must be such that it keeps us motivated to learn even more – as long as we continue to breathe.

I also happen to know an important fact: I’m not the only one who believes in transformational learning.

There are great, accomplished individuals out there who have already said a lot about the utter uselessness of the traditional school curriculum.

What’s the essence?

Again, a growing number of ordinary people have begun to question the value of the education we get in school. Here are just a few of the questions that people are asking today.

Why is it that school doesn’t teach us the skill or art of making money for ourselves?

Why are so many highly “educated” folks reeling under the yoke of financial debt after scoring high marks in Mathematics, Accounting, Business Management, and what have you?

Who is more qualified to deal with basic repair work on personal vehicles, electrical sockets, home appliances, door locks etc? Is it the guy who has a string of degrees in the field or your everyday semi-literate artisan?

If one’s brilliant academic performance can’t easily translate into personal growth and success then what is it good for?

What is the essence of a certificate when you can’t use your knowledge and mind to create an income generating work for yourself?

Why do we have college graduates who are proud to be members of pressure groups like the National Association of Unemployed Graduates (NAUG)?

Do “educated” people really need to look up to political leaders to work some magic for them and put dinner on their tables every evening? Shouldn’t school have taught us the skills of self-leadership?

Is religious and moral education really helpful when all we have are educated thieves occupying almost all leadership positions in society?

And, finally, why is it that a few individuals have been able to do so much for themselves while the majority of the population of the world are struggling to make life easier than they came to meet it?

True, I do not have all the answers.

I cannot pretend to know the answers to all these questions and similar ones. But I know one thing which can benefit you in a significant way. And here it is.

You possess an awesome personal power that will enable you to achieve personal excellence and maximize your potential in the here and now.

That power comes from at least four sources that can never be taken away from you.

  • The knowledge you already have acquired. It does not matter how small or big it is. The fact that you are able to read this means a lot. It shows that you’ve got a powerful personal tool to lead yourself to the dreams that you’ve got.
  • Your God-given potential or talents. We each have at least a couple of talents. If recognized and deployed, your personal talents can do wonders in your life.
  • Your mind. The mind is more capable of giving us what we need than all the money in the central bank.
  • The Universe is ever willing to give abundantly to every human being regardless of race, creed or colour. Manifesting your wishes into concrete results is way much easier than you’ve ever believed.

Yes! We all have this amazing power to lead us to our cherished objectives in any field.

Learn everyday to lead your own self

But it is only possible if you’ve got what it takes to lead yourself toward personal excellence.

Lead yourself by influencing your THINKING, FEELINGS and ACTIONS in the direction of what you desire from life.

Start your journey of personal excellence for massive personal transformation today.

Welcome to the place where the only passion that drives all I do is showing my readers how they can leverage their own personal power to get more out of life.

You will have it all simplified. I want to transform lives by teaching just the basics of self-leadership for personal improvement. Because the basics are all that we need to survive and continue to grow. And this blog is going to be my medium for assisting you maximize your life via self-leadership and personal excellence.

I’m blogging to the max! Just for you.

All you need is the desire to keep learning something new every day.


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