How to Dream Big and Make it A Reality

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Are you an ambitious person who wants to learn how to dream big and make it a reality?. Indeed, only a few ever manage to dream big and make it happen. But you can be one of those few.

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I think it is much know how to dream big. The difficult part is taking actions that will bring the big dreams we all have to reality.

The fact that it is difficult to dream big and achieve it does not take away this other fact. Many people, though in the minority, are making their big dreams come true.

In this post, I’m going to put before you the tried and tested ideas of men and women of achievement who have found the secret to how to dream big and make it happen.

But before I do that, here is a true story about how someone I know led herself to dream the seemingly impossible and actually made it happen.

For the sake of this article, we will call our heroine Victoria.

Victoria’s Success Story

Victoria, an introvert, had always wanted to do something big with her exceptional linguistics talent. Studying languages comes to her so easily that she learnt to read fluently books written in her own mother tongue when she was barely four years old.

By age six, Victoria knew what she wanted to become. She dreamt to be a writer, an actor, a lawyer, a journalist, an English Language professor, an entrepreneur and a Literary critic.

Victoria wrote all this down with a piece of charcoal on the red brick wall in her mother’s kitchen. She even composed a song out of her dreams and went to sing it in front of the wall every morning she woke up from bed.

The problem with Victoria, though, was that her big dreams were too many and not focused enough.

Thus, initially, she couldn’t make any headway with her aspirations. Her mind kept shifting from one career goal to the other.

Another problem was that Victoria’s parents were too poor to assist her further her education beyond the Junior High School level.

You can see that at this stage in her life, Victoria had learnt how to dream big but making her dreams a reality was not easy for her.

Victoria’s Perseverance

But Victoria never gave up her multitude of big dreams. She went into petty trading after completing Junior High School in order to save enough funds for her secondary education.

It was during this period that one of her customers, who would turn out to be a Good Samaritan, noticed her potential for greatness.

She offered to assist Victoria to attend the community Senior High School close to her small hometown. This customer went further to commit herself to making sure that Victoria attended university if she qualified to do so.

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Needless to say, the conditions at this Senior High School were not the same as what obtained in the so-called “Category A” schools in her country.

Victoria managed to score some respectable grades to allow her to enter university.

But again, because she was not able to earn an excellent grade in Literature-in-English, the authorities refused to allow her to take English, one of her favourite subjects, as a major course.

Creativity and a quick turn of mind

Victoria, therefore, convinced them to allow her to study English as a minor subject for her first two years.

Her secret ambition was to stun everybody with an exceptional performance in English.

She refused to give up on her big dream to achieve success in a language-related area.

Her determination and hard work paid off. At the end of her first year, Victoria topped the Dean’s Award List for the best-performing English students.

To cut a long story short, Victoria went on to complete college as an English major with an honours degree. Knowing that her introversion and other realities of her life might not help her much with some of her childhood dreams, she chose to become a journalist and a professor of Language and Literature.

Today, Victoria is an accomplished media mogul with a solid reputation as an international speaker on matters related to Linguistics, Language and Literature.

The lesson from Victoria’s story

Each one of us can learn how to dream big and make it come true if only we set our heart to it.

The Universe has a surprising way of putting many circumstances together to work for our good. Because the Universe is the ultimate source of everything that wasn’t yesterday but is today.

Here now comes your list of ideas on how to dream big and make it happen.

1. Write down your dreams

Call it a vision board if you like. Make sure to be clear and specific about exactly what you want. Set deadlines and specify figures if it is about money.

Writing down your big dreams make you accountable.

It also works in the Law of Attraction scheme of things.

In addition, writing your big dreams down has a way of keeping you on track. When written down, it has a magical effect of coming true. Trust me.

2. Have a plan of action

You need to come up with an effective battle plan for the achievement of your life goals.

This plan should include how you intend to lead yourself to reach each milestone on the journey to success.

When do you want to clear each hurdle? Have weekly, monthly and yearly strategic plans.

Remember that to dream big and achieve it is not going to happen overnight. This is why your plans must identify every little step along the way.

3 . Develop big-picture thinking

In his book, How Successful People Think, John C. Maxwell, tells anybody who desires to dream big and make it happen to always keep the bigger picture in focus.

You should never lose sight of the big prize waiting for you. Visualizing your big dream will give you the motivation to keep working at the mundane tasks, knowing what you will reap at the end of the struggle.

4. Prepare to lose sometimes

The good news is that in life, sometimes when you lose, you win. The reverse is also true.

So, expect moments of failure. Know that some are going to be tough to cope with.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate greatly is the way the Universe makes its own arrangements for us to become great achievers.

What you may take to be a devastating loss might turn out to be exactly what was needed for you to move from point A to B.

I urge you to consider every failure as a blessing in disguise. It will prepare you for the greater glories in the future.

5. Be careful of being normal

Normal people don’t easily build wealth. Normal folks are usually unable to learn how to dream big and make it a reality – all their lifetime.

They’re too busy thinking of ways to be like everybody else or please others.

The statistics of poverty levels in the world give a clear answer to why the majority of the world’s population find it hard to rise from the poor conditions in which they were born.

It is because we live in a world where most people think it is culturally wrong to be different. Too many are those who slip back into the abyss of poverty though others before them had created the right conditions for them to dream big and achieve it.

The reason for this unfortunate reality is normal people think they need to act rich in the eyes of the world.

Now, if you want to know how dream big and achieve extraordinary success, you cannot just think and behave the way “normal” people do.

You’ve got to risk the extraordinary. Step out of the box so you can step out of the crowd. Period.

6. Go through “flat” seasons

According to Donald Latumahina of, each big dreamer will experience “flat” seasons. These are stages in the journey of success when things seem to have come to a standstill. Nothing seems to be moving.

For instance, global upheavals that are way beyond our individual control can force demand for the services we offer to fall suddenly.

A case in point is the COVID-19 pandemic. Other factors will also make life take a nosedive once in a while. But, remember all these are essential parts of the road to success.

As someone puts it, the road of life is never straight. If it were, it would be too steep to climb.

The point here is this. Anticipate the downturns. Embrace your difficult moments with a positive mindset. And, go through them without ever losing enthusiasm for what you must keep doing to achieve your big dream.

7. Develop a strong will-power

To dream big and make it happen is easier said than done. Ask the most successful people you know and the answer will be this. There is no easy way to greatness.

This is why too many fall by the wayside. To dream big and make it happen takes a will-power made of steel. You will need to be able to push aside your own self-doubt and the discouragement coming from the people around you.

8. Commit to long-term consistency

Speaking about how to become a successful YouTuber, Dan Lok calls on everyone who wants to get thousands of subscribers for their YouTube Channel to get consistent with what they do.

Here is what I believe to be true. Daily consistent action is one of the most effective keys to achievement in any field.

It is consistency over the long-term that makes the few become what the majority may only see as overnight success.

9. Leave no room for mediocrity

A lukewarm attitude to your career or business will surely lead to underachievement.

Knowing how to dream big and make it a reality calls for a striving towards personal excellence in all daily activities.

Do not settle for the mediocre. Avoid the company of people who are happy with being average and mainstream.

Raise the bar as high as you can. Then get down to put in your all. This is the only way to step out and be counted among those rare individuals we all love to admire and envy for their “luck”.

10. Make integrity your lifelong companion

You will need character to open doors. It is never true that it takes crooked ways to achieve big dreams.

People will more willingly recommend you and your character to suppliers, employers and even money lending institutions. That is when you live your life with a strong moral grounding.

Sure, many people will hate you for your high principles and for your insistence on the right thing being done. But I want you to know this one truth. Trying to bend to societal pressures in a diseased world may take you far but never to the desired destination in the long run.

11. Draw inspiration from other people’s success stories

Today, thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of the success stories of men and women who have been able to brush aside their limitations and work to achieve massive success in their respective fields.

The secret to success is that there are no secrets any more.

Below, I give you a list of links to some YouTube Channels and websites that are showing the world what we can learn from ordinary people like us who have found a way to achieve so much in their careers.

Make sure you give me a Hi when you eventually get there. Because I believe you will.







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