Top 4 Ways to Define Self-Leadership

definition of self-leadership

Personally, I’m convinced that anyone who knows what leadership in general is about should be able to define self-leadership.

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That being said, to define self-leadership, specifically, calls for a closer role the individual plays in their own scheme of things. Because a self-leader, first and foremost, is the captain of his own ship.

In his book on self-leadership, Andrew Bryant points out that, willy-nilly, every human being is a self-leader. And just like the different shades of the everyday leader, not all individuals are effective at leading their own selves to a worthy destination.

Will your anchor hold, in the storms of life?

Whether you suffer a shipwreck on the stormy waters of life or sail safely to shore shall be your own making.

It is based on the above notion of self-leadership that I have put together the below ways some thought leaders on the subject define self-leadership.

Self-leadership shouldn’t be an academic exercise

Note, however, that my effort here is not intended to be an avenue for another traditional academic exercise.

Your ability to memorize and reproduce these definitions of self-leadership means absolutely nothing to your life. Neither is it going to impact your environment in any positive way.

On the contrary, my objective is to assist you to appreciate something important. It is the crucial role you, as an individual, shall invariably play in what you will become tomorrow.

Now, when you’ve reached that realization, I encourage you to do this. Take bold action to start learning how to become effective at your self-leadership.

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This is the only way you will be able to positively impact your own life and the world at large.

Without further ado, let’s begin to discover how Andrew Bryant,  Peter Drucker, Charles Manz and Brian Tracy define self-leadership

Andrew Bryant

Here are two different ways Andrew Bryant says we must define self-leadership.

Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going, coupled with the ability to influence your communication, emotions and behaviour on the way to getting there.

Check out Andrew Bryant’s other definition of self-leadership.

Self-leadership is about constantly developing the inner game of intention, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy to achieve personal mastery.

Peter Drucker

In his definition of who a self-leader is, Peter Drucker makes an important point. Self-leadership is mainly about taking charge of one’s own life and accepting the responsibilities that come with it.

Being a self-leader is to serve as chief, captain or CEO of one’s own life.

Brian Tracy

This is how Brian Tracy loves to define self-leadership

Self-leadership is about setting a goal and taking full responsibility for  that goal.

Goals are a recurrent theme in Brian Tracy’s teachings on personal growth and achievement. To him (and I think he is perfectly right) each individual would ultimately arrive at a certain destination.

It matters little whether you planned for that particular destination or not. So, to arrive at a point you would be proud of, you need to consciously set a goal for yourself. Then, take personal responsibility for all the steps you must take to get there.

Charles Manz

Self-leadership is a comprehensive self-influence perspective that concerns leading oneself.

According to Prof. Charles Manz, anyone who intends to get ahead in any field of human endeavour needs to take the matter of self-leadership seriously.

In self-leadership, you are denied the luxury of relying on others to show you the way. You must be able to do all the things that ought to be done.This influence your thoughts and actions toward the goals you set for yourself.

Which of the definitions of self-leadership excites you most?

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