43 Guidelines to Build Self-Confidence

ways to build self-confidence

You can go far in your effort to build self-confidence and boost your self-esteem by following the below guidelines.

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1. Be grateful

Being grateful for the life we have today puts us in poll position for greater things to come. And that feeling alone will go a long way to help us build self-confidence.

2. Visualize yourself as you wish to be

It’s a great feeling to know and feel in advance what you will become in the near future. Visualization has always been a widely recommended manifestation tool.

Learn to transport your whole being into that reality even before you physically get there. It gives you this magical personal power that drives you, day after day, toward your goal.

3. Get prepared

When you prepare for something that’s about to come, you feel a sense of expectation all over you. This is why getting prepared is key to building one’s self-confidence.

4. Know your principles and live them.

Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Your absolute faith in the soundness of your principles helps you to build self-confidence each passing day.

5. Dream big

Every big dreamer has massive self-confidence. These are the people who know what they’re worth and for that matter expect big outcomes for themselves. It is this expectation that will help you to build self-confidence.

6. Focus on solutions

Refuse to allow problems to paralyze you into doing nothing.The more solutions you come up with, the more confident you’d feel about facing the next challenge.

7. Affirm yourself regularly

You see, you can’t go about drained of all energy and motivation when you habitually tell yourself how awesome and lucky you are. Affirmations build a positive mindset which is key to building self-confidence.

8. Speak slowly but deliberately

In my English class back in university, I learnt that speech that goes with a greater number of falling tunes tends to sound more authoritative and for that matter, more confident than the one with a never-ending, shrieking rising tune.

You see it play out in drama and the movies all the time. The leaders, the rich and the influential tend to speak more deliberately than the have-nots or lower class people.

So, if you want to build self-confidence, learn to speak more slowly and more deliberately. You will even be admired for it, at least, among intelligent people.

9. Do one thing that scares you every day

As it is said, courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to act in spite of fear.

And when you keep acting despite your fears how do others regard you? They think you’re a terrific, courageous chap, right? That’s a fantastic way to build self-confidence.

More importantly, you will be bolstering up your self-esteem each time you’ve been able to confront and defeat a Goliath in your life.

10. Adjust your posture and stand erect

Your posture has a psychological effect on the way you regard yourself. People who stand erect and walk chest out come out as being self-assured as opposed to those whose appearance only speaks of defeat and surrender.

11. Silence your inner critic

How can you seriously build self-confidence when all you do is tell yourself despicable things like:

I’m a loser.

I’ll never make it.

I’m so stupid.

Why am I this awkward?

I flunked this one too.

Will I ever get anything right?

I’m a complete failure.

I’m a mistake.

Replace this kind of destructive self-talk with positive self-love. Because you’re unique and have something special to offer. Just look for it and you’ll find it.

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12. Set yourself up to win

Those who expect to win are the ones that invariably end up winning. Learn to cultivate not only a winner’s mentality but also a set of winning habits.

When you’re armed with these two tools, you will go about your daily activities with an air of self-confidence despite all the negativity in your environment.

13. Help someone else

We come to reclaim our self-worth and find purpose in life again when we begin to give freely.

Material gifts are great. But I want you to know that giving love, affection and support to those in need will also help to build confidence in yourself.

The reason is this. You will be appreciated. And, all of a sudden, you will begin to realize that, after all, you too amount to something. You do matter.

14. Increase your competency

The better you get at doing something the stronger your trust in your abilities gets. There are many ways to build competency. One is to learn more about your trade. Another one is practice more and stop being afraid of making mistakes.

15. Care for yourself

Because no one is going to do this one for you. Avoid depriving yourself of the basic comforts of life. And take good care of your health and appearance. When you learn to practice self-care, you will be in a position to become a better individual.

16. Learn new skills

Our ability to perform tasks that go to solve common human problems gives us a positive self-image.

Try to learn something about technology, regardless of your age or station in life. Attend classes online to acquire a useful set of skills. This is the way to easily find your way around in today’s world.

17. Stop comparing yourself to others

Because you can never be them. Neither will they ever be you.

Start believing in the awesomeness of your talents. Look for opportunities even in your darkest moments.

Embrace your reality. Never force yourself to be what you are not. There is no way you can beam with self-confidence when you’ve literally placed yourself in borrowed clothes.

18. Practice self-compassion.

You need to forgive and treat yourself with a certain level of kindness in order to build self-confidence. Each time you make a bad choice and the consequences come up, simply accept responsibility and laugh at yourself. Forgive yourself and find ways to make amends.

19. Smile more often

There are many benefits of laughter and smiling. And when it comes to building self-confidence, smiling helps you to deal with the most daunting challenges that will come your way. It gives you that feeling of being in control of your emotions, actions and reactions.

20. Declutter your life.

Just go ahead and get rid of the things, habits and people who, beyond occupying space, add no value to your life. The reason is you can’t seriously build self-confidence when you have too much clutter and too many toxic people all around you.

21. Get active.

This self-confidence boosting tip is most helpful when you’ve just suffered failure in any aspect of your life. I personally know this to be true.

Getting active helps you to focus on solutions rather than self-pity and other destructive tendencies. And as you get going again, however slowly it might be, your sense of confidence grows.

22. Embrace self-doubt

We all doubt ourselves sometimes. It’s a natural feeling you and I cannot wish away easily.

So, rather than try to forcefully push self-doubt away, own it. But do not stop there. Find out how to move ahead in spite of the doubts on your mind. The answers will give you more self-confidence.

23. Set and achieve small goals

Ambition is great; but over-ambition does not help us much. All it does is make us fail to show almost no results.

Know that continuous lack of results can quickly deplete your self-belief.

This is why you will do well by setting a big goal but break it down into smaller achievable milestones. Each small victory will give you the confidence to move to the next and then to the ultimate.

24. Act swiftly.

Eschew procrastination and take decisive action to fast-track your self-confidence building journey.

25. Build and practice self-discipline

Do whatever you need to do whether you feel like it or not. I think this is what self-discipline is all about. And it helps boost self-confidence when you know you’re the master of your own life decisions.

26. Groom yourself and dress nicely.

According to ZenHabits.com we feel good about ourselves when we dress nicely. Dressing nicely helps boost our self-esteem.

27. Take care of your body.

Eating well together with proper cleaning, washing and regular exercise will go a long way in helping you build self-confidence.

Why don’t you try a new look tomorrow? Get creative in making sure you look the way that makes you feel super-comfortable inside your skin.

28. Think positive

There is nothing to gain from being negative. Learn to develop a positive outlook about life and people. Search for the positive aspects even in the direst of situations. A positive attitude enables you to keep going when everyone around you has given up.

29. Get to know yourself

Self-awareness allows you to play to your strengths and stop managing your weaknesses. The latter has never led anyone anywhere worth-going. You will also be in a position to identify your talents and start deploying them like nobody’s business.

30. Live intentionally.

Never allow others to decide for you what you do with your life.

Embrace whatever it is you love. Stop thinking you owe the world an  explanation or apology for being who you are.

Try things that make you feel uncomfortable

Take care of your health. Remember  the saying a healthy mind in a healthy body.

31. Connect with the Universe.

It is the source of all power, energy and abundance.

Nurture your spirituality through meditation in order to build self-confidence.

Live according to the Universal Laws to be in harmony with the Subconscious Mind.

This is all that matters for your Spiritual well-being. Everything else is designed to instill fear and self-doubt in you so you will remain under the power of self-serving sinister forces .

32. Practice forgiveness.

Because you too, being fallible, need to be constantly forgiven to maintain your self-confidence.

33. Defy your impostor syndrome.

Tell yourself you’re truly great at what you do. Take pride in your accomplishments no matter how insignificant you think they are. Because they prove how awesome an individual you are.

34. Refuse to brood over rejection or disapproval.

The world is busy disapproving of everyone else; so why bother?

And each time shit happens, turn it into fertilizer.

35. Maintain a positive support network.

Friends, family, workplace colleagues or even total strangers will be there for you when you need them most.

36. Embrace the unknown.

Life is meant to be an adventure, make sure you participate fully. This way, you will meet new experiences and allow them to build you into a truly confident individual.

37. Be comfortable with fear.

Attempt doing the things you fear most. It helps boost your self-confidence in amazing ways.

38. Be patient with yourself

Always do your best and be satisfied with the effort. Rushing through life as if you want to win the rat-race will get you exhausted too quickly.

39. Look for moderation and strive for balance.

Extremes only make you feel drained and unhappy. Sooner than later, you will not have the energy to continue. Moderation is therefore what you must seek in order to remain sane in our crazy world.

40. Keep bouncing back

Commit to work to bounce back from your mistakes and failures. It makes even your haters begin to admire you for your fortitude.

41. Acknowledge your insecurities.

Face them squarely. Do not run away from them. Find creative ways to live a life that appreciates the fact that life itself is full of risks. This is why it is said that you and I can never escape from this risky life alive.

So, why not make the best of what you have?

42. Accept personal responsibility

It is a mark of greatness to take personal responsibility for everything that comes your way. And it gives you that awesome feeling of being the captain of your own boat.

43. Avoid perfectionism.

Instead of the perfectionist mindset, develop the capacity to accept and live with your imperfections. Be happy with how far you’ve been able to come. This is how to build self-confidence to keep moving forward in life.

What has been preventing you this year from building the kind of self-confidence you would be happy with?

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