5 Keys to Getting What You Want

how to get what you want

Getting what you want isn’t always easy. For most people, whatever they want out of life will remain a mirage throughout their lifetime.

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So, how come a few are so good at getting whatever they desire in life? Talk of money, a new startup, a particular type of woman or man for a romantic relationship or a craving to travel and explore the country or the outside world.

These few people have something to teach you about getting what you want.

I’m fortunate to have stumbled upon the secrets to getting what you want.

Remember it isn’t enough to know these keys to getting what you want. The more important key is putting them into practice.

When you allow the below secrets to getting what you want become a daily habit, you will stand a good chance of realizing whatever dream you may have even now.

1. Consistency in action

You need to take daily action to get what you’re looking for.

Consistency is known to be the single most important bringer of all eventual breakthroughs. You know why? Because consistent action operates on the principle of compounding.

Its magical effect is felt when action is applied in just little doses, persistently, over a period of time.

2. Be willing to dirty your hands

Some people are desperately searching for success but feel too big or too shy to get down to work on it.

Even the book of Proverbs makes it clear there is nothing to gain from indolence. If you truly want to get what you want, then you need to work really hard. This could mean doing manual work in some cases.

3. Think and plan strategically

It is a mistake to just force yourself to immitate the methods others are using.

Know that your realities, if you assess them honestly, are different from theirs.

With your personal realities being your guide, set the right goals and decide on the specific actions you need to take each step along the way.

Every small victory, day by day, will lead you to your dream situation, sooner or later.

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4. Know that success attracts success

Maybe you are daunted by the fact that you don’t have the resources to make a big start right now.

You’re even scared that you may end up losing the little you have. That the haters will soon begin to laugh at you.

Well, I have surprising news for you. What the majority of successful people keep telling all of us is this. People want to associate themselves with the winning team.

You know those few English Premier League clubs, La Liga clubs and Bundesliga clubs that have the tens of millions of raving fans, right? That is it!

All you need to do is to start small and keep piling up little success upon little success. And before you know it, you will have many admirers, supporters and even people asking for your advice.

And, trust me, that’s how the floodgates have opened for many a successful person.

5. Ignore the naysayers

This is a very common advice given to anyone who desires something worthy out of life.

The naysayers have always been there and will continue to be. They will tell you how stupid your idea is. Many are those who will pour scorn on whatever you set out to do.

The truth is these people have a loser’s mentality. This is why they never try anything on their own but sit around and complain.

Do not pay attention to them. Because they know nothing about you nor what you’re doing. Brush them aside and go for your dream.

Always keep this in mind.

It is a good feeling when you finally succeed in getting what you want. But remember the road is not a smooth one. So many have been able to achieve their life goals by practicing the above principles. You and I can follow their footsteps to achieve our God-given potential.

Image by Damon Nofar from Pixabay

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