3 Most Powerful Limits to Human Potential

what limits human potential

There are no limits to human potential except the ones we, as individuals, create and impose on ourselves.

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Many great achievers have observed, throughout human history, that but for certain self-created limits to human potential, every individual could accomplish feats that would shock them and the rest of the world

So, what are these artificial limits to human potential that make all of us become under-achievers – at the very best?

Below are the three most potent factors that limit your potential. Those who were able to sidestep these limits to human potential are the millionaires and billionaires, the famous and the most influential we see in our midst.

1. The Mind

They way you think has a certain power that decides where you finally land in life.

Self-limiting thoughts will take you to nowhere.

Again, a lack-mentality or what some call the impossibility complex, is behind many failed lives.

So what can you do about this? The answer is simple.

Train your mind to focus on the positive side of things. Learn to achieve a positive mindset.

Source the abundance that the Universe has always placed before every human being in creation. Know that you can go as far as your mind allows you to go.

Rule your mind and let it work wonders for you.

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2. What people say

You and I know how powerful and unfortunately destrutive this one is.

Many world-changing ideas have been abandoned because of what people say or the fear of what they might say or think.

I’ve learnt that, in reality, people don’t spend that much time thinking about you or me as we often dread. Therefore, allowing yourself to be paralyzed into a state of inaction by what you think others are saying or thinking is the worst harm you can possibly do to your own personal growth.

Is there any way to get out of this self-imposed limit to human potential? Yes.

The way forward is to believe in yourself. Build self-confidence and cultivate self-mastery so that you can keep going in spite of what negative things you hear around you.

That’s how most successful people managed to get to their destinations.

3. Fear

As you might have already heard, the only thing to fear in life is fear itself.

Fear creates panic and dampens an otherwise motivated spirit. While some people fear failure, others fear becoming a laughing stock.

There are those who decide to quit a certain project because they were afraid of what might happen in the future.

The mass media we have today thrives on fear-mongering. That’s how they sell phony solutions to us.

So-called prophets and religious organizations are not making matters any better. They are busy preaching doomsday just to instill fear and keep their followers subservient and without the ambition to create wealth and grow.

Well, remember this. The Universe is the ultimate decider of what happens to you. It allows no limits to human potential.

All you need is to boldly get out there and operate in harmony with the universal laws.

When you set yourself on this path, you will have effectively kicked fear out of the window. This is the only way to unleash your awesome potential on the world.

So, what other factors do you think are the limits to human potential?

Image by nugroho dwi hartawan from Pixabay

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