10 Tips to Overcome Financial Problems

how to overcome financial problems

How can anyone overcome financial problems? I have some ideas to help you answer this question once and for all.

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1. Live frugally

One way to overcome financial problems is to live frugally.

Do not overspend. Avoid buying anything just because it is the latest craze in town. Learn to distinguish between stuff you really need and those you just want so you too can fit in.

Be careful the way you spend your inadequate money on the latter.

Tell yourself that one day, when it’s all over and you’ve achieved financial freedom, you too will have the comforts you truly deserve after years of toil and sacrifice.

2. Pay your bills first.

Do not misappropriate monies meant to pay for your utilities and related expenses. Just do it first. That’s the only way to have your peace of mind to concentrate better and plan for the future.

Wise up. Clear all your mandatory bills first before anything else. This will definitely save you a lot of financial headache.

3. Prepare your own meals.

Trying not to eat out too often is another proven way to overcome financial difficulties. That is, if you can’t avoid eating out completely.

You will also agree with me that processed or junk food can get really expensive.

Do not be deceived by their sleek look, their trendy nature and the good-looking models that promote them on billboards, TV commercials and on social media.

Personally, I do not spend much on processed foods because I hate empty status symbols, which, unfortunately, many of them are!

One way to manage your personal finances efficiently is to learn to prepare your own meals on a budget.

Why don’t you buy more of organic foodstuffs? Apart from making you save money directly on your feeding cost, it also helps you to avoid expensive medical bills in the future.

There is no knowing how safe any ready-made food is, you know.

4. Stop buying on credit.

If you really want to overcome financial problems, then stop accumulating debt by acquiring things you can’t pay for immediately.

Chances are  that you may not even use them before you finish paying for all that unnecessary extra cost.

So, why cause yourself all that financial stress in the first place?

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5. Walk

Yes. Simply walk to work, to the market and to the bus station if it is possible to do so.

You need not take a taxi or buy fuel for your vehicle (if you have one) to go to everywhere.

You surely would want to shed some excess fat as well.

6. Buy used.

Buy used furniture, TVs, cars or PCs and laptops, for example.

Consider making do with borrowed books or laptops from the library, a friend or a course-mate if you’re a student or a parent taking care of a student.

This is just one of the smartest ways of saving money on brand new textbooks, photocopy and the like.

It is even possible these days to download for free some of your study materials from the internet.

7. Use social media wisely

There is so much wasteful spending on internet data going on out there.

Many adults who are already facing serious money issues still spend heavily on internet data just to surf through disposable social media images and comments.

Learn to spend your time and money wisely on social media. Some have, in fact, avoided social media altogether, having realized that it is harming their finances and productivity.

If you think this approach is extreme, then learn to go about your social media expenses in a frugal manner. It will save you some cash. Honestly.

8. You need not access all the loans

In the advanced parts of the world, in particular, credit card debt among households as well as student loan debt remains one huge headache for many people.

Much as you may need to borrow money to help you complete a project or take you through your university course, it is equally advisable to be careful how much debt you pile up.

9. Start a side hustle

Get a job on the side or simply start a blog. You can allow me to help you start a blog tomorrow. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

You can make some money even as you continue to work in your day job or pursue your studies at school. Just make sure that the nature of the extra job or blog niche you decide on is such that it does not disrupt your main job or academic work unnecessarily.

Why don’t you teach lower grade students and children, on a part-time basis? You really do not need to be a professional teacher to teach people something valuable.

Let me tell you a secret.

One route to generating passive income these days is to start a blog and monetize it for profit.

Would you prefer to do something else to earn an income even while you remain a student?

Here is a list of jobs students around the globe are using to supplement their other sources of student income.

Rest assured that these jobs are not location-specific anymore. In whichever part of the world you are now, you will definitely find comparable jobs to help you overcome your financial difficulties.


Remember that the financial difficulties you may be facing currently are not peculiar to you. And, more importantly, they will surely be over one day. That is, if you act appropriately to overcome the financial problems you may be going through at this moment.

It is entirely possible to overcome financial problems now if only you adopt the right attitude and strategy.

The simple reason why it is possible for anyone to overcome much of their financial difficulties is this:

Most of these financial problems are self-created. So all one needs to do is to act deliberately to tackle one’s money problems.

And remember, much of it has to do with spending wisely the little money that you have.

I wish you good luck.

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