Poem: Minister of No Consequence

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Minister of No Consequence

Is that him?

What a minister of national culture!

What’s the matter with him?

He is not grabbing what?

Bribes? Left, right, up, down?

Kickbacks too?

Kicks back hefty per diems?

Is he ok?

Sure he is normal?

What oddity!

For a minister of culture.

Kicking against leadership norms

So dear to our land of stagnation.

No luxury cars? Oops, rides public transport too?

What a huge waste!

I pity his children, the shame,

I envy the wife, no girlfriend queue

No  shopping at Picaddily,

No Rolls Royce recreation,

Theirs is not a normal life.

Kicking back feebly against systemic graft

I learnt his uncles and nephews are mad

They can’t see the flowover comforts

They don’t see  the benefit,

Wasted space close by the national kitty?

While normal looters run amok

I can tell his fate:

Forced resignation coming soon

Proceed on accumulated leave, massa!

Lest he puts boss, colleagues, party, all

In a bad political limelight,

Being so odd,

And of no consequence,

Culture must be preserved.

A lofty excuse to explain him away.

Photo by xxn1927 from FreeImages

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