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Top 5 Ways to Sustain Consistency in Blogging

My understanding of consistency in blogging or digital writing is quite straightforward.

It is when anyone who professes to be a blogger keeps going, day after day, no matter the challenges or setbacks.

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For that matter, a consistent blogger is the one who persists amidst the difficulties all bloggers face but only a few survive.

Consistency here also means focusing on a strategy and making sure you keep applying action till the desired results begin to appear.

For instance, if your strategy is to build an email list that will deliver to you affiliate marketing success, then you must find a way to keep implementing the details of your plan over a period of time.

The opposite is to try it today, look for results the next day and if there are none, you give up or shift to a new strategy.

That definitely is not consistency.

And trust me, sporadic shifts in action and focus will lead you nowhere. It is persistent, consistent action that eventually brings in what you want.

So why is it that we all can’t just focus and persist since we all, as bloggers, want the results?

The reason is it isn’t that easy for a lot of people to develop consistency in blogging.

There are too many little shiny objects flying all around us crying for attention.

Here is an example for you.

If you’ve been using Google search engine to research a topic you’re working on, you will agree with me that the distractions are simply overwhelming.

Before you knew it, you’ve digressed to places you never thought of, leaving your main search subject in the wilderness.

Funnily, you will discover more amazing new tips and tools. So you are now into this or that new one. Consistency with what brings you here can take a back seat.

And so you keep wandering, never settling down, and never achieving anything worthwhile.

We all know that focus, persistence and consistency are the hallmark of all successful people in any field.

But it is tough to develop consistency in blogging, right? Wrong.

Let me show you how you can easily develop consistency in blogging or digital writing and publishing.

1. Design an action-focused strategy

If it is affiliate marketing that you want to use to monetize your blog, come up with a strategy for it.

Aspects of this affiliate marketing strategy could be the affiliate network or program you will use, the specific products or services you want to promote on your blog and the type of links you will add to your posts.

You must also not forget the affiliate marketing plugins you need and the manner in which you are going to promote the affiliate products.

By this, I mean, will you prefer product review posts, list posts or product comparison posts?

The wonderful thing about having a strategy or an action plan is that it restricts your natural tendency to digress and try other things not helpful to your objectives.

2. Have a very short daily to-do list

Tell yourself to do only the few tasks that really matter as you try to implement your strategy.

A tall to-do list has the potential to make you digress easily from your main activity.

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3. Ask someone to keep you accountable.

I think that’s what they call accountability partner, right? Whatever partner you decide to call them, just make sure you get one.

I suggest you get someone who can be really hard on you. It should be the kind of person who would keep you on your toes when it comes to being consistent in implementing your plan or your to-do list.

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4. Give yourself a time-frame to see results.

This will keep you motivated and focused.

Remember to post it somewhere that it literally confronts you whichever way you turn in the house, room or office.

This way, you will quickly run away from any temptation to deviate.

Building consistency in blogging becomes easier when you know you have a deadline to act upon.

5. Place value on the learnt skills

Remind yourself constantly of the valuable skills you can learn just by being consistent with your actions.

Personally, there is so much I’ve gained just by learning to develop consistency in blogging.

There are times I will plan to publish ten blog posts for my clients and four more for my own blogs within a week. Now, because, I’ve learnt to focus and hit such targets regularly, it becomes second nature to me.

More importantly, it has developed in me a certain level of self-discipline which is another important blogging success factor.

Today, I can share my experience with my tribe or even monetize such skills with a couple of information products.


The best reason to develop consistency in blogging is that it will make you a highly productive professional blogger.

Try these tips which I have personally used to make me become a better self-employed blogger than I was initially. I know they will help you too.

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