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The Only Way to achieve Blogging Success

So what is blogging success? And why do you need self-discipline to achieve it?

Well, to be honest with you, I can’t tell exactly what success in blogging is.

This is for the simple reason that what might mean success to one blogger could potentially mean almost nothing to another.

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I, for instance, have started calling myself a successful blogger not because I’m earning any huge income from my blog.

Yes, I’m earning an income from my blog but that could be peanuts to many other bloggers. I, too, hope to hit the jackpot as quickly as practicable.

You may then ask, why then do I consider myself a successful blogger?

I have quite a few answers but I won’t bother you with all that stuff. All I can tell you is this. It’s got to do with my mindset.

Then it’s also got to do with where I’m coming from.

Let truth be told. I’ve not always been beaming with this sort of self-confidence that lets me write and teach you how to start and grow a blog from scratch.

When I started a couple of years back, first as an amateur blogger, I was a complete novice. I guess you know what that means. (SMILES).

Today, I surprise myself with the blogging skills I can boast of.

Moreover, when I started, I couldn’t figure out how I would be able to make money blogging. I’ve got around to fixing that one too.

Today, I make money blogging.

But best of all, my audience engagement and the modest traffic volume I now have with my primary blog are at a stage that could only be a distant dream for me, barely a year ago.

This is my humble blogging success story and this is how far I have come. The secret to all this is what I want to talk about in this post – the special place for self-discipline in ensuring blogging success.

But before we move to why self-discipline is your key to blogging success, let’s finish with our idea of success in blogging.

As you can see, I have not been able to give you a global definition of blogging success. I think it is basically a personal affair.

Yet still, we can at least talk about what blogging success is NOT. So that if you want to be a successful professional blogger, you must do something to make sure these situations do not become your lot.

Just take a look.

Extremely low or stagnant blog traffic

Lagging far, far behind in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Zero, or very few subscribers

No blog monetization tools, products or services

Absolutely no blog income a year or two after getting self-hosted.

Gradual but steady reduction in your initial passion for your blogging venture.

The above are just a handful of the tell-tale signs screaming you definitely are nowhere near becoming a successful blogger.

So how do you avoid falling into this rather disturbing situation?

If you ask those who are cruising along with their blogging business, they will tell you one key factor for becoming a great blogger is self-discipline.

I have seen my good friends at bloggingx.com and luckylovelife.com make mention of the central role self-discipline continues to play in the career of all successful bloggers.

And I agree with them 100%. You want to know why the personal quality of self-discipline is crucial for blogging success? Then keep reading.

Without wasting much time, let’s agree that your self-discipline is in full force when you get up and take action on a task even if you don’t feel like doing so.

In fact, when it comes to blogging, there are many tasks that are not so pleasant but which you cannot afford to ignore. That is, if you want to avoid becoming one more blogging casualty.

So, as a newbie blogger, it takes self-discipline to take you from one not-so-inspiring position to a greater one.

Following are what I consider to be the most important blogging activities that demand self-discipline to get them done.

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Giving it time

Committing enough time to your work as a career blogger – if that is truly what you, just like me, want to call yourself.

Typing regularly

Blogging is about getting to the keyboard to type and publish content. Even if you don’t feel like it you still have got to create content.

Adding multimedia elements

Finding the time to produce that video or audio content. Planning, creating, editing and publishing both visuals and audios could be a challenge for many but you have to get it done.

How to Maintain Focus Despite What Others Say Or Do

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Lifelong learning

Dedicating yourself to a lifetime of learning. There is no way you can stop learning new (and sometimes challenging) skills if you really want to be a professional blogger.

Skills you need to learn include

effective use of WordPress,

online writing,

inserting code in WordPress,

email list building,

newsletter writing,

ad placement,

plugin or software installation,

website maintenance and security,

using the customizer,




blog monetization,

link building,

publishing content with the new Gutenberg block editor,


affiliate marketing,

landing pages,

website design and customization,

ebook publishing,


video production/editing and a whole lot more.

While it is entirely possible to pay other people to perform some of these tasks for you (or get friends to do so for free), remember that you do not want to entrust the fundamentals into the hands of people you hardly know.

Knowing a bit about each one of these skills will, at least, allow you to know it when you are being fooled.

A bit of multi-tasking

Juggling among several blog-building activities all at the same time. Call it multi-tasking if you may.

Late nights

Sleeping very late and waking early – especially during the early stages of your blogging career.

Social distancing

Cutting down on your social engagements.

This is much easier for those of us who are introverted.

Self-discipline is only what can save your professional blogging career if, naturally, you happen to be a social butterfly.

Final word

These, and many more reasons, are why self-discipline is necessary for blogging success. Like I said earlier, not a single one of the big guys in the blogosphere got to where they are now by being soft on self-discipline.

So now you know. Are you still interested in becoming a successful career blogger? Will you promise yourself to let self-discipline take over your life as a blogger? If yes, then welcome to what I’ll bet is the most exciting profession of the 21st century.

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