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11 Profitable Blog Topics for African Bloggers

What are the best profitable blog topics for African bloggers?

Do bloggers in Africa have to blindly copy the same popular and lucrative blogging topics trending among North American bloggers or European bloggers?

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I believe there is nothing wrong with choosing your blog’s topic based on what is happening in the more advanced parts of the world.

But, at the same time, as an aspiring professional blogger coming out of Africa, you may have to consider certain factors in order to choose the right topic for your blog.

Thus, what works for a blogger in San Francisco, USA, may not necessarily work for another blogger in Kukurantumi, Ghana.


No access blocked?

Yes, some may quickly tell you there is a global audience with no access blocked to you wherever you’re blogging from.

And that’s perfectly correct.

We all can blog for audiences in geolocations that have higher incomes, higher purchasing power and, therefore, with the potential to enable us to make the most sales and revenues from our blogs.

So, I can start a blog from Accra here in Ghana that caters to a developed-world audience. Because there is where the most money is to be made.

But wait a minute …

The reality is in too many instances it becomes an uphill task if you try to compete with the blogging moguls in America and Europe with the same blog niches or topics targeting the same audiences.

This is why I believe it is also wise for you as a blogger living in Africa to think of choosing a slightly different kind of niche or blog topic that can still appeal to American, European, or other markets where the most money is to be spent and made.

Let me put it in another way.

Give it an African twist

A smarter approach to adopt as a blogger living in Africa is to take the same globally-popular blog topic but with an African twist to it.

You will do well to make it such that the global audiences out there who have the money to spend on your products will be most interested in your blog topic.

Don’t forget, we’re all in this to make some money. That is what professional blogging, my focus for this blog, is all about.

So let me give you some ideas about some potentially profitable blog topics for African bloggers.

The prospect for carving a name for yourself as an African blogger will get brighter if you can take any one of these profitable blog topics for African bloggers and work at it consistently until it begins to roll in the dollars.

Remember, it is entirely possible to blog from any part of Africa and still make tons of crisp, shiny, brand-new American dollar notes.

Isn’t that tantalizing?

If I can do it blogging from my corner here in Ghana, so can you too.

Enough of the long introduction.

Below is my list of potentially profitable blog topics for African bloggers. Let’s go get them now.

1. African travel

As African countries continue to open up, there is growing interest among Americans, Canadians, the British, Germans and so on to visit and travel across the continent.

Your best bet is to blog about air travel, road transport, transportation on the many rivers and lakes in Africa.

2. African tourism

Closely linked to African travel is African tourism.

I know there is a lot of potential for African blogs that focus on tourism on the continent. Why?

Because more and more tourists from the rest of the world are eager to have their vacations in Africa.

Therefore, if you can craft your blog content properly to cover such areas as best tourist destinations in Africa, travel costs, the best climatic conditions, the most interesting seasons, festivals, and what have you, in Africa, you can be on your way to earn enough income from your blog.  

3. Conflict and peace in Africa

You need to have a strong interest in this potentially profitable blog topic for African bloggers. Because you will have to do a lot of research so you can get your facts right.

Your blog must contain enough information to educate your audience on the state of tribal conflicts, civil wars, the movement towards peace and economic development in Africa.


Again, I know there is a sizeable audience out there in search of this kind of information. So go for it if you have the passion for stuff of this nature.

4. Football and other sports in Africa

A large segment of the populations of Europe and North America is interested in learning more about most African football heroes, for example.

They would love to know more about the factors that make it possible for certain regions of Africa to produce great sportsmen and women. Talk of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal. And the list goes on and on.

Others want information on what makes sportsmen and women of African descent such as Usain Bolt of Jamaica or the Serena Williams of the United States tick.

You may decide to niche down further. In that case, pick just one tiny bit of the sporting arena. Are you interested in soccer, track and field, volleyball or what?

Take and focus on a blog topic that you truly love and you and your blog will begin to perform wonders in no time.

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5. African cultures

Creating a niche blog from Africa that focuses on the rich cultural heritage of the African continent is definitely a very smart choice for any African blogger.

You see, there is a sizeable audience out there in the developed parts of the world who would love to learn more about the cultural diversity of Africa.

Your well-written blog posts or professionally-produced videos on the music and dance forms in Africa, traditional religious practices of Africa, among others, will attract tons of traffic to your blog, no matter where you are located on the continent.

6. Business opportunities in Africa

Now is the time to talk about one of the most interesting blog topics for African bloggers.

Today, there is growing interest in business opportunities in Africa. Business people from China, the USA, UK and so on want to find out if it is easy, safe and profitable to invest their capital in Africa.

Don’t forget, Africa remains one of the most promising emerging markets in the world. The population is growing rapidly and the economies are making slow and but steady progress towards growth and prosperity.

While the middle class continues to shrink in the advanced economies, it is rather on the rise in many African countries. This is one reason international investors are watching the continent with keen interest.

All they are looking for is adequate and reliable information about the business opportunities in Africa, so they can come in and invest.

And this is where you come in as an African blogger. Business and investment opportunities in Africa is one of the best blog topics for African bloggers I would recommend to you on any day.

7. African history

Blog about such topics as the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, African pre-history and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Don’t forget to include facts and figures about the pyramids.

Publish easy-to-read blog posts on European exploration of the African continent, colonial rule, nationalist or independence struggles, Pan-Africanism and the Negritude movement.

Many are students, scholars and other lifelong learners who want the best information on historical figures like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Leopold Senghor, W.E.B. Du Bois and Julius Nyerere.

Trust me, you will have enough developed-world blog traffic for content under this topic to start monetizing your blog for the kind of blog profit you want.

8. Democracy and governance in Africa

Do you have a passion for political debates and matters related to good governance in Africa?

Why don’t you choose this profitable topic for African bloggers?

Please note that this is one of those blog topics for African bloggers where some level of in depth research on the issues is required.

You can’t make your mark here if all you blog about is shallow articles with a lot of guesses or personal opinions without much factual grounding.

Yes, you may as well decide to sound satirical and make it big. But even then, whatever you say must appeal to the kind of audience you’re dealing with. So you need to always get it right.

9. Entertainment in Africa

Let’s face it. This is huge.

There is so much to occupy you as an African entertainment blogger for the rest of your professional blogging life.

Apart from live-streaming blogs or YouTube channels, you also have the choice to go for magazine-style blog posts that serve your raving fans about the latest releases and/or gossip in the entertainment industry.

It is quite easy to find hugely popular musicians, actors, producers and directors to talk about.

Feed your audiences in America, Europe, Asia and right here in Africa with news about African artists. Tell them about those that are making their mark on the global stage.

10. Education in Africa

You may think that no European or American would be interested in attending high school, college or university in Africa.

But that is not entirely true.

Of late, it has become easier for people to travel and work or simply live in any part of the world. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly necessary for parents and potential students to find out more about how they can access good educational facilities in places like Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia and the like.

So, there lies an opportunity for you as an aspiring professional blogger looking for the best profitable topics for African bloggers.   

11. Housing in Africa

Finally, it is one smart move to consider housing in Africa too. This is definitely one of the most profitable blog topics for African bloggers.

Generally speaking, there are three types of blog audience from the richer regions of the world that will definitely love to listen to what you have to say on your blog.

I’m referring to potential real estate investors and migrants or expatriates who are looking for accommodation as they come down to stay on the continent.

The third type of audience will be Africans in the diaspora. This includes people of African descent who are preparing to return home to the so-called motherland.

So, do your homework and begin serving this profitable niche. Try to niche down properly so you can focus on a segment of this large global audience.

Final word

As you can see, there is no limit to the number of potentially profitable blog topics for African bloggers. All you need to do is assess your strengths, your weaknesses and your interests. Then go ahead and select the right blog topic for you based on your interest or passion.

I wish you good luck.

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