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A Day in the Life of a Professional Blogger

So how does the day look like in the life of a professional blogger?

The few people within my personal cycle who care to know often ask how I spend my day as a professional blogger.

I am here to tell you as much as I can about how I spend my 24 hours as a professional blogger.

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I arrived just recently.

Well, the truth is I have not always been an online publisher or blogger. Not to talk of being a professional blogger.

Just a few years ago, I didn’t even know how to locate the letters on a computer keyboard without stretching my neck too long and opening my eyes extra wide.

As you probably know, there isn’t much one can do as a professional blogger without a good computer/laptop and the right skills to make it produce what is needed.

I had three wonderful students who doubled as my secretaries, coming one after the other. These wonderful individuals worked hard to assist me during the years I spent in my erstwhile offline private teaching business. God bless them.

Beatrice Badiwon (B), Felicia Yawson (Orie) and Agnes Forson (Sista) all played a crucial role in what I have become today.

I am happy to say that all three are now professionals working in the public sector of the country of our birth, Ghana.

With their encouragement and funny comments about the way I was struggling to type one letter at a time, I have been able to come this far.

Now I can type away like nobody’s business. I am also very comfortable using the computer more than I have ever been.

In fact, I am able to do basic hardware and software maintenance work on my computers.

So this was my journey into digital publishing. Don’t forget, though. My childhood dream was to become a published writer. I will forever remain grateful to the creators of the internet for making my dream come true, albeit, belatedly. Better late than never.

My daily routine

So, today, I spend almost my whole day working both in, and on my online publishing business. RN Digital Media Ent is the name of the primary business.


I want you to know an important fact about blogs.

A blog, per se, is never a business. IT IS, AT BEST, A MARKETING TOOL. In fact, today, blogs are the most sought-after marketing tools for all manner of businesses, whether online or offline.

What that means is simply this: It is always advisable for you to build a business around your blog.

This way, you will have products and services to sell using the blog to drive traffic and sales. This is the most effective way blogs make money.

There is so much else on this site that speaks to this topic. You can get some ideas here and there.

I hope you get it. Let’s get going.

How I spend my day

Wake up at 3 am

Pray, meditate and do my affirmations.

You see, personally, I deem it necessary to always invite abundance into my day and life. The Universe is the ultimate power source that trashes all opposition – physical or spiritual.

Frankly, I take the 7 universal laws of nature very seriously.

Get to my computer after cleaning and washing what needs to be cleaned and washed.

Get online to read, watch and listen to informative and educational online content mostly connected to my industry and niche.

I make sure I don’t allow this reading and researching bit become the main activity of the day. That habit is a secret productivity killer if not handled with care.

I come offline to draft a number of blog posts whose topics I would have already selected

Next big thing is to work on my clients’ websites – maintenance, security, design tweaking or customization.

Yes, I do some freelancing stuff.

From there, I write and publish blog posts for my clients – at least three in a day.

Contact my online students to teach and coach them. Topics I teach include English Language, Grammar and Literature, Business Communication, WordPress Essentials and Blogging Skills Training.

Then comes the time for me to see to my traditional businesses

I failed at establishing a regular, full-time school three times.


The first to fail was a private Senior High School. Likewise, my two attempts at establishing a private Basic School simply couldn’t work. The factors accounting for these mega failures in my life will have to wait till I find the right platform to talk about things of this nature.

I still do some other stuff in the traditional sector. Small time real estate is one big source of joy for me. I am in the process of building multiple single-room apartments for residential and commercial rentals here in rural Ghana.

The demand is quite high and supply almost non-existent. You may want to come down here and invest in this largely-ignored housing sector in Ghana or any other country in Africa.

The happy truth is a true entrepreneur doesn’t know how to quit. They also do not know how to pigeonhole themselves in one corner.


Looks like I’m digressing, right? Well, variety will always be the spice of life. No?

Professional blogger’s day continued

As the day wears on , I go out briefly to meet people whom I care about (and/or who have my interests at heart)

I love to do some gardening or field work.

Get back to the office to work on the unfinished publishing stuff

Place calls to any loved ones. Chat with them online a little.

Get back to learning additional skills for my business. I am a student in a number of online courses. These days, most of them are free courses. I’ve stopped taking the paid ones, at least, for the time being.

Get to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the day.

Let me make another confesssion to you. I find it difficult to leave my desk to go and cook, though I’ve always loved to cook.

I am so much in love with the online lifestyle that I allow it to take a disproportionate portion of my time. Maybe I will change this as I get more successful and am able to outsource some of the work.

Untold secret of a blogger’s life

I believe this is the time for me to be brutally frank with you. Becoming a blogger is as easy as paying for a ticket to watch a football match between to local village teams.

But not the same with becoming a professional blogger. Okay?

When you made the decision to become a professional blogger, know that you’ve also made the decision to work extremely hard at countless, often complex, tasks for long periods without making a dime.

You don’t become a blogger today and start making money online tomorrow. That’s only a fairy tale you’ll hear from heartless folks trying to rob unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned cash with a promise of giving them a magic formula to a so-called 6-figure blogging income.


It has never worked like that. Period. This article says it all about the reality of making it as a professional blogger. You can go check it out.

No, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying it is not possible to make money blogging. What I mean is it isn’t like a walk in the park. You’ve got to work, learn plenty, hit roadblocks, fail, dig in, persist, get frustrated, etc etc before your finally begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s move on with my narrative about the day in the life of a professional blogger.

Rest is a key part of my day.

I rest and possibly sleep for about an hour.

After that, it is now time to add some more pages to my ongoing books in preparation for their release on such online stores like Apple iBooks, Kobo, Playster, Barnes and Noble

Click on the link below to visit any of the above stores and more for my books.

Grab your copy.

I prefer to write offline first and then transfer the largely finished text to the computer for any additional finishing touches.

I write motivational books, educational textbooks and fiction – mostly romance. My favourite ebook publishing platform is Draft2Digital. Let me know if you need a hand to write and publish your next ebook.

Start publishing your books with Draft2Digital.

Back to my computer.

At this stage of the day I do all the stuff I need to do on my digital publishing business in its entirety. There is so much to do here, trust me.

Trying to make some sense out of things like Google Analytics stats, Google Search Console info about my websites and a lot of other technical, blog monetization and marketing stuff are just a few of what I have to grapple with on a daily basis as a true professional blogger.

Mind you I’m not just seeing myself as a blogger. My dream is to become a reputed digital communication and content marketing rock star!

As you can see, it is a real multi-faceted online enterprise we are talking about here.

I hope to insert some travelling into my schedule pretty soon. I have been under a largely self-imposed house arrest for far too long now.

And I know my brand of business with its promise of ever flowing passive income, when (not if) successful, will allow me time to go wherever I please.

I don’t intend to work and live like a recluse for the rest of my life. No way.

Just that I believe in intentional living (which most people don’t even know much about) so I am deliberate in my plans and choices at every stage of my life.

Later part of the day

I get back to engage with my students and clients online

Answer important questions directed to me personally on Quora.com

Go back to bed at dusk and possibly sleep for about an hour or two

Come back around 8pm to do serious social media marketing, managing my Facebook groups and pages, my Linkedin Profiles, more tweets, and enriching my Pinterest boards with awesome pins for massive results.

Write and publish on other websites like Ezine Articles and Medium

Have fun listening to some cool music or reggae, I love Shania Twain, Marc Antony, Eglesias and Lucky Dube to a fault.

Watch some educational videos. I am seriously learning how to set up a professional YouTube channel and also how to run a podcasting programme as part of my online business goals.

Fun videos from funny little characters like Emmanuela from Naija will normally end my day with the computer around 10pm.

Possibly have a little chit chat with the person in my life before retiring to bed at around 11pm.

Now the day is over …

So that is it. Now you know much of the ins and outs of my typical day as a professional blogger.

This has been my dream and is now my reality. Shouldn’t I be happy and grateful? Don’t I have the right to be no other person than me?

I believe I do.

JUST ONE REQUEST … Please share this post on your favourite social media platform. I will forever remain grateful to you for this kind gesture. Thank you!

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