Extract From My Book About the Sea

Books about marine life or fiction books about the sea have been of great interest to many lovers of mystery and paranormal fiction.

There are many of such books that refer to happenings at the seashore or even from deep down the bottom of the oceans.

This one, for example was my favourite as a teenager even though it is a real horror fiction.

Today, you are going to have a brief encounter with my one fiction book about the sea.

Enjoy yourself.

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Ebook Snippet – The Man From the Sea

“Hey! You there!”

Dodzi looked up. He saw the head of the man who appeared to disappear only a few moments ago. He was now waving his rather long arm in his direction.

“Yes, I can hear you!” Dodzi shouted back. “What can I do for you?” He asked.

“A lot!,” the man shouted back, “but first, help me carry this log to the other end there, will you?” It was obvious this man was not interested in an answer. It was a command, no mistake about that.

Log? Dodzi  wondered. So he has been floating on a log. Or rather, the log was floating on him judging by his huge frame of body even when you viewed him from a distance.

But Dodzi was not used to being ordered around. Not even by a Hercules from the bottom of the sea.

“Sorry, but I can’t carry a log … at least not that size,” Dodzi shouted back again and stepped a few metres backwards to maintain the distance between him and the strange man who had started taking very long strides toward him.

“You will, boy!” The man roared.

“Are you joking or something?” Dodzi asked. “Tell me, why should I and what makes you so sure?”

“Because no boy has ever dared disobey me.”

“Could it possibly be that you don’t have boys wherever you’re coming from?”

“Look here, little human being. I’m not used to being interrogated. And for all you know, we could become great friends if you would just stop asking stupid questions and obey my commandment.” The man was very calm and looked kindly at Dodzi even as he said these words.

Commandment? This must be a very sinister animal disguised as a human being coming from the very pit of hell right under this deep blue sea.

But I must stand up to him, Dodzi told himself. He may be some chieftain or an overlord in his ocean kingdom but everyone here will tell you that Dodzi is the guy in charge. Yes, this is my territory. It isn’t for nothing that my local boys call me Tsikata. Nobody dare mess up with me; not even monster spirits from the belly of the earth.

“Now, let’s get this clear. I’m the overlord on this dry earth you now stand, Mr. Man-from-the-Sea. So you do what I say, not the other way round! Okay?”

The strange mountain of a man seemed to have gotten and taken the message coming from Dodzi. He was now just a few metres away from where Dodzi now stood. Dodzi’s remarks seemed to have stopped him in his tracks. His very small head which stood on a massive stump of a neck slowly went down as if in obedience to the tiny-looking boy standing in front of him.

Dodzi heaved a huge sigh of relief. He had just been preparing to see himself lifted high up into the sky and to be followed by a painful little scream from him as the man mountain lowered him onto his thumb and crushed his small body with the other giant thumb like a louse.

He’s stopped? I’ve stopped him? He isn’t coming forward any further? What could …

“Yes, I’ve stopped,” the stranger said loudly with a tone of resignation. He appeared to be obeying a much higher authoritative voice other than that of the little body standing metres away from him.

“Before I came here, I made a promise to Akpabli never to hurt you.”

“Who is Akpabli? And where are you coming from? I demand an answer right away.” Dodzi had started moving backwards again.

The huge frame of the man was too intimidating for him. But the man wouldn’t answer his questions. Instead, he went on with what he had started announcing.

“Akpabli told me you’re the only one capable of handling the riches he so wished to bestow on a child of your family. He told me you deserve the riches because you’re ambitious and brave. He wanted to send me to assist you to realize your dream of becoming the richest man in your family. But I told him this:

On one condition only. If that boy is brave enough to help me have Akutor for a wife.

Dodzi was taken aback. He surveyed the man from head to toe, never caring to hide any feeling of suspicion. Then he spoke.

“But Akutor is married! So how do you intend to get to marrying someone who is already married, huh?

“By making her unmarried.” The man replied calmly.


“Correct. Now, listen to the gist of the conversation between Akpabli and me before I set out to find this place, hundreds of leagues away from where I’m coming from.”

“Akutor must become a woman without a husband.” The same very calm tone.

“Now, stop it. You’re not suggesting what I’m suspecting, are you?” Akpabli was an old man. He must be past seventy.

“Exactly.Kudolo must die. And if Dodzi can make that happen I will gladly help you and him to achieve your common goal.”

“Well, any time I set my heart on a goal, nothing stops me. Not even if murder must be committed for me to achieve my goal. You know it already, don’t you? There is no need wasting my breath”

“That clearly puts us all three at the same spot. You will make Dodzi rich and I will have my Akutor just before that. And Dodzi will become the richest man in his family.”

“All three lofty dreams shall meet when one treacherous blood is spilt. That isn’t too much to sacrifice for three great dreams. Just make sure you don’t harm the poor boy in any way. Because if you do, I’ll never let you live to witness the next sunrise.”

“That’s the conversation I had with Akpabli. And that’s the solemn vow I pledged to him. I’m capable of ending your miserable little life like nothing compared to a fly’s. But as you can see, that’s never a sensible thing to do under the circumstances we find ourselves at the moment. So I dare not touch you; not even for your sharp-biting tongue. That’s not my way.”

“You must be joking to have suggested that I become your hitman. Surely I wish to be the richest guy in this area some day. However, I detest the idea of me. becoming a pawn in the hands of a total stranger. There’s no knowing your motives, my friend. And who knows what your subsequent plans are anyway?”

“I may have additional plans, yes. But they have nothing to do with you. I just wish to live like a normal human being for once. To be able to achieve for myself all there is to achieve. I have dreams, just like you. We aren’t different at all, Dodzi.”

“Here comes your terrible disappointment,” Dodzi said, his eyes surveying the gigantic human frame before him. He was keenly aware of the intimidating physical power of this stranger but his will had always been made of steel.

“I won’t lift a finger against Kudolo,” he went on. “Not even for the promise of the entire riches of Solomon, and never for the love of the Queen of Sheba! Not me!!”

He had to shout so his small shrill voice would not be drowned in the roaring sound of the ocean waves.

“Not so fast, Dodzi. Don’t worry about what you will do or will not do yet. You will change your mind sooner than you’ll ever imagine.” The man said, sounding like he didn’t think there was any need taking the conversation forward.

“Before all that, though, there’s only one thing I want you to do for me.”

“Something else?”


“What is it this time?”

“Nothing much. Just help me with my log. That’s all.”

Dodzi looked the man from top to down. Then he turned his face away and cast his eyes around as if he wanted a hole into which to slip quietly without a trace.

Every moment he spent in front of this man gave him the creeps. He was just forcing to look unafraid.

“And where exactly are you coming from anyway?” His face was still turned away, surveying the sprawling empty Atlantic beach surrounding them.

The sun was hot and up straight in the sky above them. All the early morning fishermen and the women fishmongers had returned to their huts.

Far away in the distance, Dodzi observed some little children still running around with bare feet in the hot sand. Could these frail-looking children really do anything to help him?

Needless to say, the mere sight of this colossus of a man would simply send these kids to uncontrollable tears. So he had only himself to rely upon.

The man didn’t respond to his question. But he wouldn’t give up. Dodzi was not used to being ordered around.

“You better answer my question or I leave you here to help yourself.”

“Which question?,” the man asked.

“Did you truly come from out of that sea? The way I saw it?” Dodzi asked, stretching his left arm and pointing his finger in the direction of the rolling waves. His right hand was raised to his forehead as he capped his hand over his eyes to avoid direct contact with the scorching tropical sun. His brow wrinkled and the look on his face betrayed no exact feelings.

“Yes, … and no,” the man replied.


“Because I’m definitely coming from that direction.” He pointed his very large and long forefinger to the distant horizon of the vast boiling ocean behind him.


“No human being ever lived deep down the sea, did they?”

“That could mean you’re not human. The reason is I saw it. I saw water dripping down your whole body as you emerged, head first, then that funny looking log, from far out there.”

“Now, please, help me carry the log. We shall use it to get to your wealth.” What Dodzi had begun to realize was that just as he wasn’t used to being ordered, this stranger also showed no keen affection for being interrogated.

The mention of the promise of wealth would, on any day, melt any mortal’s shield of resistance, however iron-clad that shield happened to be. But for Dodzi, it would make his stony stubbornness to not only capitulate but to vanish without a trace.

He smiled and stepped forward.

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