Ebook Snippet – The Guy in the Glass

“ ‘Kofi Nti, you have come to the crossroads of your life. Now that you’ve been dismissed from school, you have two clear choices left: go to town, join bad company and pay life and society back in their own coin for such wickedness meted out to a youthful, innocent and promising boy like you; or sit down, think through your predicament, till you find another route to achieve your dreams. You have chosen the second option, Kofi Nti and that is what it shall forever be. Remember, your mates didn’t call you MP for nothing. You can become an MP only if you don’t give up. So pull yourself together and come up with a strategy to overcome your challenges. At sixteen, you are old enough to take care of yourself. The doors of Blando High School may be closed on you but remember what your English teacher always says: opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one on the way.’ ”

This excerpt is just a brief peep into this moving story.

The Guy in the Glass is a story of youthful idealism and determination in the midst of adversity.

I shouldn’t be so unkind as to take the sweetness out of your mouth by saying too much here. Find out for yourself and make sure you enjoy every bit of this story!

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