Quick Money Blogging Advice for Beginner Bloggers

Quick Money Blogging Advice  for Beginner Bloggers

If your only motivation for writing online is to make quick money blogging, then chances are that you may not last long in the blogosphere.

There is so much to do for any new blog that it is almost unthinkable to start making real money just a few days or weeks after launching your website.

In fact, many are the big-boy/big-girl bloggers out there who will confess to you that it took them several months or even years to make their first income from their blogs.

So get ready to put in the work (and the patience) if you truly want to make it as a professional blogger.

Here are just five reasons for my argument.

1. Slow initial blog traffic

Your website traffic is going to take some time to begin massing into something significant.

And to monetize your blog with the commonest blog monetization methods like affiliate marketing depends very much on a reasonably high volume of traffic.

On this site, for example, some major affiliate marketing networks finally decided to accept my persistent applications to join when my daily pageviews averaged 500 and my unique visitors averaged around 100 per day.

As you can see you may have to wait for at least a couple of months to rake in your first few cents for your affiliate marketing efforts, for example.

2. Building super-useful content takes time.

The legendary saying in blogging circles that in blogging, content is king isn’t just a statement.

The truth is the only way you can hope to attract scores of visitors to your site is to consistently give them content they love. And that definitely will take some time.

Similarly, the big search engines, Google in particular, are going to put you before the eyes of your potential visitors only when your content is considered to be helpful to them based on their search keywords. And the crawlers love scores of interconnected content on a site!

Well, I can’t see how any newbie blogger can achieve that volume and quality of content on their site within a few days or a couple of weeks.

And if you’re thinking of packing your website with plagiarized or curated content from elsewhere within minutes or hours, forget. Google will know and penalize you!

RESOURCE: Find out how to avoid Google penalties.

3. You will be making some teething mistakes.

Some of the initial mistakes you will be making as a beginner blogger can frustrate your efforts to make quick money blogging.

You will have to be patient and learn a few tricks relating to this whole online publishing stuff.

Or else, you’ll storm out cursing all your way to wherever.

4. Online writing is an art in itself.

This is one interesting truth I’ve discovered.

You need to begin forgetting the fact that you’re an accomplished academic writer, for example.

In blogging, you will have to start learning all over again. Before you think of money, you must come to terms with the realities of online article writing.

It can be a steep learning curve. I mean how to write online so visitors to your site won’t get scared of those complex, never-ending sentences and paragraphs of yours.

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You will first of all have to learn to make your content suit the tastes of your online audience.

You can’t afford to make too many visitors run away from your site.

I love the academic stuff but while busy online I literally speed away from some web pages belonging to one academic or the other.

Now, if visitors like me can’t stand those stuffy pages, how can the millions of millennials and Generation Z folks out there who have little time for “boring stuff”?

Don’t forget that these are the people who literally own the internet. So you’ve got to satisfy them in order to stay in business online.

5. Blogging isn’t all about writing or posting stuff.

Blogging is equally about branding and marketing stuff, okay?

And that stuff includes you, really.

You will need to present yourself to your audience and potential customers as being credible and reliable. That one won’t take a day or two, trust me.

Therefore, at the early stages, your desire for a quick and easy dough may not be enough to sustain your interest. You will need something more – a much higher, more resilient motivating factor.

Shall we then take a quick look at some of these self-sustaining motivators when it comes to blogging as a profession?

  • Your relentless passion for writing as an art
  • Your desire to share something you know with the rest of the world
  • The sheer feeling of exhilaration each time you hit the publish button
  • The inner satisfaction you feel anytime you see your published post and your author name and image displayed to the view of the whole world.
  • The sense of accomplishment that overwhelms you when you Google your name and pronto! The awesome search results.  Are all these really me? I mean, the real me? Whoaw!
  • Your hunger for more knowledge which makes you bury your whole being into online research and other learning activities.

What happens when your primary motivator is quick money.

Note that the emphasis is on the adjective, quick.

Money may be the ultimate reward to look forward to; but when all you think about is making it fast, you will lose interest in blogging in no time.

This has happened to a lot of online adventurers who came before you and me.

If you’re not careful, your next destination could turn out to be in the land of scam-nation. That surely isn’t the loftiest ideal for your presence online.

My word of advice

Stop focusing your energy on how to make quick money blogging.

What you should be doing right now is to find inspiration to keep producing and building useful content. Then wait patiently for your blog to gain traction and to start making the dollars.

That time, I believe, will surely come. The success equation will forever follow the principle of sowing and reaping.

Keep planting your awesome posts online. Zealously invest your time and energy in tweaking your blog to make its presence felt in the online community.

Then get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour when (not if) they start ripening.

Till then, all I can say is, see you at the top!

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