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Mindset Matters in Becoming a Blogger

Tell me exactly what is stopping your becoming a blogger. I am more than convinced that the greatest culprit is your mindset.

So let’s talk about how your own mindset is preventing you from becoming a blogger.

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Here are the thoughts in the mind which make it difficult for many self-publishing wannabes to take the bold step to write and publish their awesome ideas online.

I will not just be bemoaning the harm your mindset is causing to your digital publishing ambition.

I’m also going to give you ideas from my experience from blogging. My hope is that these will help you to overcome any one of these challenges you may be facing right now.

So here we go!

1. You think you’re too young to be taken seriously.

Trust me, you have something great in that youthful mind of yours. It, in fact, has the potential to make a huge impact on the life of someone you may never know personally.

There are lots of young bloggers out there doing great things which are changing the lives of millions.

At one time, many of them had the same doubts about their writing abilities. But somehow, they managed to take the plunge to start an online publishing business.

Today, these guys are among the blogging superstars everyone is talking about.

Though I’m not too sure about the age at which the owner of Bren on the Road, one blogger whose ideas have had a huge impact on my worldview, I believe strongly that he started while still a youth.

That should be proof enough to give you the confidence to begin writing and publishing online today. You will not be doing this only for yourself, but also for the benefit of lots of people out there.

2. You think you’re too old for your ideas to be considered relevant.

Rather than being an obstacle, your advancing age, together with the wisdom and experience that come with it, is a valuable personal capital waiting to be unleashed on the world for unimaginable results.

Many people are desperately searching for older people with the kind of knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years. All you need to do is to keep updating your wealth of knowledge through continuous learning so it doesn’t become outdated.

You have what it takes to become a successful online consultant, freelance writer, ebook author or a life coach.

I urge you to begin to publish your ideas and expertise online and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the warm reception waiting for you!

3. You’re scared to death your proficiency in the language you want to use to publish isn’t good enough.

As a lifelong student of language, one thing I can tell you for sure is that the only purpose of language is communication.

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Are you able to write in such a way that will communicate your ideas to your readers?

Are you able to do so even if the quality of your grammar is nowhere near that of an English professor, for example? Then go ahead and express your ideas joyfully.

We all cannot speak or write like the native speakers of English, for instance. But that should never stop us from expressing ourselves in what has become an indispensable global language, should it?

Luckily, there are lots of readers on the web who would not mind much the minor errors in your expression. All they ask is you continue to give them valuable, easy-to-understand information.

But again, you owe it a duty to yourself and your audience to keep on learning and improving the quality of your language of communication. Learn to speak and write better. The free online language learning resources are uncountable. Take advantage of these.

You can also download such grammar apps as Grammarly to assist you in editing your online articles.

4. You keep on giving your busy schedule as an excuse.

Let me tell you one truth. If you’re waiting for the day that you’ll become less busy so you can start creating content online, you’ll have to wait till eternity.

Humans as we are, we never have enough of anything; not even time.

So, my advice is that you should stop procrastinating. Stop postponing the day you should take the necessary steps to achieve your dream of becoming a blogger.

Remember, you can even make passive income from your blog traffic just by becoming a blogger.

One way out of this situation is to take a serious look at your daily routine. Fearlessly delete the unproductive ones. Believe me, you’ll find a sizeable number of them.

Then reschedule your essential tasks in order to make room for your online writing or blogging time.

5. You’re intimidated by the sheer volume of information already available on the internet.

You keep asking yourself: What can I say that has not been said already?

This is a tough one, really. I’ve personally struggled with this frightening fact time without number.

But it’s a  fact you and I must learn to live with. Others may be out there churning out massive volumes of online content every second of the day. Yes, but that should not stop you from publishing what you know or have.

My consistent answer to this nagging fear is this: All those other online writers are just human like me. We’re completely on the same level as humans. So if they have the confidence to do what they’re doing, why shouldn’t I?

So I write away. I publish my stuff and leave my chosen online audience to take it up from there. And much of the time, I find that after all, what I too have to say matters a lot to at least a sizeable number of people.

I must also confess to you that it isn’t always that your blog post will resonate with your online audience the way you’d love it to. Life itself is filled with ups and downs. Fortunately, that’s what makes it exciting.

The earlier you accept this fact and begin to bring your unique style of writing to the table, the better.


6. Where you live in the world is making you have many doubts.

For those of us coming from the less developed parts of the world, this can be a huge demotivator. It can make you forget about that awesome dream of becoming a blogger.

At this very moment, there is someone out there in Africa, a certain region of Asia or even Latin America who, despite their huge writing potential, is not sure if they can compete with other bloggers from places like Europe and North America.

The big digital divide coupled with differences in income levels is the main reason behind this fear.

But hey, you cannot afford to allow these challenges associated with living in the less developed regions of the world to frustrate your dream to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

Find a way around the difficulties. Network with others who can assist you to become a more effective blogger. Keep learning on your own how to do certain things for yourself.

Thankfully, the internet has leveled the playing field in a way. You may not have access to all the resources but there’s so much you can still do to take your online publishing dreams to the next level.

Others like you have done it, so it is entirely possible for you to succeed at becoming a blogger.


Always remember that it takes something more than wishful thinking to actualize one’s life goals. This certainly applies to online publishing as well.

The doubts in your mind regarding your capabilities may never go away completely. That is why you need to muster the courage to take action even now.

And trust me, in spite of all these fears you will succeed by bringing your online writing dreams to reality.

I strongly believe you can. If it were not possible I wouldn’t be telling you.

I wish you good luck.

What private fears did you entertain at the time you first thought of becoming a blogger? I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know in a comment below.

Thank you!

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