I Too Have Blogging Fears

I Too Have Blogging Fears

This post was first published on my erstwhile FREE WordPress.com blog in October, 2017. I’ve come a very long way since. I have now overcome most of these fears, earning my first dollar and much more along the way. But the post remains relevant even today. It will at least serve as an inspiration for you so you may know that you too can begin to succeed with your blogging business in spite of the fears.

My little uncomfortable secret is that I have blogging fears or fears about blogging. These fears are what I’m boldly talking about in this post.

Even Superman has fears. It is only fools that don’t fear anything. Fear makes you use your senses before you destroy your own self and blame it on others.

So I too have my moments of fears about blogging. But it is those fears that energize me the more to keep on blogging. And I’m about to give you my candid fears about my blogging enterprise.

Do you too experience some fears about publishing online? As you can see, you’re not alone after all! You really have great company in me!

But let me tell you about my big dreams first.

I’ve got really big dreams for my blogging enterprise.

I don’t intend to remain an amateur blogger for too long. I want to take this thing really far. I mean very far. You know what I mean, I suppose. But I’ve got fears as well.

On this site, I preach grit and persistence in spite of the uncertainties associated with any venture and those are what have kept me going.

I won’t allow the peculiar realities of my environment to derail my dream.

You know why? Because this is my last and best chance to be what I’ve always wanted to be – a published writer

So I’m enjoying blogging more than any other living being.

But I have blogging fears.

Here, let me share my concerns with you. Who knows, you may also have similar fears which occasionally make you feel like quitting your blogging journey.

I’m sharing these fears in order for you to know that you’re not alone and that we can, should, and will persist to overcome them.

1. Fear of rejection

True, when I began to get serious about posting articles online about not too long ago, it was like, when will someone like my posts or comment on them or follow me at all? I felt like I was not good enough to survive here and no one was going to pay attention to me anyway.

Well, things are improving, much better than I expected; though the fear of rejection refuses to completely disappear.

I’m trusting that it is still early days yet and that it will finally melt away.

2. Fear of not being able to truly monetize my blog.

However, I know in my heart that the day I make my first dollar from my writing online will be the happiest day of my life. It will mark the beginning of greater things to happen in the future.

3. Will I be able to penetrate developed world markets with my info products?

This fear is quite strong. Will American audiences, for example, find my ebooks and ecourses appealing enough to spend their few dollars on them?

Because if must succeed with affiliate marketing, for example, then I need to attract customers from the developed world where the majority of internet users with the money to spend live.

If not then I don’t know how far I can go with this important tool for monetizing any blog today.

Or what do you think, honestly?

Then comes a similar one.

4. I’m frustrated by the lack of interest in info products among my own people.

Here, what I’ve seen is that the overwhelming majority of internet users equate the internet with Facebook, period.

Don’t laugh, it’s serious. Worse still, if you post an idea on Facebook without a photo, even your well-educated friends won’t show any interest in it. If the idea comes with a photo, expect to attract a few likes and comments about the photo, not the idea.

The only time you’ll get a hero’s welcome with your Facebook post is when it’s all an appealing image of you with some comment about how you’ve been blessed in the past few days or months.

I’m not saying this to spite anyone. Just worried about the daunting realities I and many of my fellow bloggers in Ghana and the rest of Africa have got to deal with as developing-world bloggers.

5. Scared to death of the potential stiff competition out there.

The number of active professional bloggers around the globe is growing exponentially by the hour.Shall I be able to live up to the challenge, especially when you think of those big names out there?

Well, I love this kind of challenge. Whatever the competitors have in their mind, I believe I too have. We shall slug it out, surely.

Don’t you think without competition, business will be too boring? I too believe so. So, for this particular fear, it energizes me rather than discourage me.

What do you think?

6. No PayPal in my country

Ouch! Tough one, right? How on earth do they expect me to run a smooth, profitable freelancing or e-commerce business without what is arguably the world’s number one online payment platform?

Well, I’m thinking of exploring other possibilities like Payoneer and Skrill for mobile money transfers.

Will you be kind enough to give me some ideas regarding this obvious limitation of mine?

I’ve tried to be completely honest with you.

I’ve said it all. What are your thoughts regarding my fears? I’ll be very excited at any ideas and suggestions you may have to offer.

Like I said before, we’re not going to quit anyway, are we?

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