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3 Super Simple Ways to Attract More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Let’s talk about some of the simplest ways anyone can attract more traffic to their website in 2020 and beyond.

I’ve learnt that apart from the usual SEO-friendly stuff, (sometimes too technical for blogging dummies like me), there are very practical but equally powerful ways to attract more traffic and pageviews to your blog.

Please Note: This is not to say you should forget about learning  SEO and a lot more. Unless, of course, you’re not keen on making your blogging business succeed. We can’t safely do without the technical side, you know.

I trust that these lessons about online article writing will be of immense help to you too.

So here we go.

1. Present a problem first.

It is necessary that for much of what you put out there, you begin by presenting a problem. As we speak right now, millions of people are surfing the web desperately looking for effective solutions to one problem or the other. All you need to do is to keep looking for those problems and present them at the initial stages of your posts.

This, I’ve learned, is a most effective bait you can use to drive droves of visitors to your site. You will succeed in making your blog visitors stay longer to take a look at more of your pages.

2. Come up with the solution.

It is not enough to tell your readers you’re perfectly aware of their pain points. That is certainly not the kind of information they value most. So move away quickly and start delivering solutions.

And the easier you make it for them to try and implement those solutions the more likely it is for your visitors to stay longer and click on related links within your site.

3. Show the results or benefits.

It is important for you to let your readers see what they stand to gain by applying your solution formula. In this post, for example, you will observe that I’m telling you the benefits of applying these three online writing hacks – more traffic and more pageviews.

Surely, if you have already taken the step to monetizing your blog, then you know more than I do the extent to which more pageviews will increase your blogging income.

That’s exactly what you must do. Show your audience how they’ll benefit from the solutions you’re offering them. Many of them will love you for it. This is the way to make your visitors keep coming back for more – they will gladly stay on, searching for more ideas on your site.

Meaning? More pageviews in your stats!

So tell me. How easy (or difficult) has it been for you to attract more traffic to your website in the past year? Leave a comment below.

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