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What To Do With the Blogging Advice You Receive Online

Here is what you must be doing with all the blogging advice you get online.

There are many bloggers out there whose business model is all about spinning out epic (or not so epic) advice on how to blog and rock like a superstar.

Once in a while, therefore, we all come across one kind of blogging advice or the other.

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Has it occurred to you yet that what I’m about to do right now is to give you blogging advice about blogging advice? Well, that’s the truth. So you can see how common blogging advice has become. I hope and pray that in your estimation mine here will sound very sound.


Before I share with you what I have personally been doing with all the blogging tips I read almost every day, I want us to take a cursory look at a few types of blogging advice you’ll find online.

Types of blogging tips on the web

  • How to make money blogging. You can’t miss this one, can you?
  • How to write an epic blog post. Each one of us seems to have an unbeatable idea about great blog posts. That can only be good for the industry, I presume.
  • Learn how to drive traffic in droves to your blog. Hmmm. Some of the tips can sound so complex and techy!
  • 13, 30, 300 etc, etc, blogging mistakes most blogging beginners make
  • This is what you need to know about search engine optimization.

Frankly, it took me months to get what SEO really meant. The guys rarely break down those abbreviations for the benefit of our newbie fraternity.

  • 35 ways to monetize your blog.

Wow! I recently chanced upon this one. Most were simply up there. However, a few others were mere duplicates designed to inflate content.

  • Learn to start an online publishing company the right way.

You know what I love about this type? It makes me feel reassured that after all, I’m doing something tangible. A business! Almost every blogger is conscious of that occasional feeling of being an impostor or doing something of no real substance.

Hasn’t any “well-wisher” ever told you to abandon “this blogging thing of yours” and go look for a real job?

And the list goes on.

What I do with all the blogging advice I get

I’m now ready to share with you what I’ve been doing with all the advice I get on blogging online.

Mind you, I dish out my own blogging advice right here on this blog.

This is principally what this site is all about, After all, who says I can’t advise newbies about blogging when I’ve been around for a couple of years? Much of it was with WordPress.com FREE, though. But it proved to be really beneficial. I learnt a lot practicing and trying out everything on my FREE WordPress.com site.

Let no one tell you it’s a waste of time starting with WordPress.com FREE. Because something that gives you tough lessons in life cannot be a waste of time. Never!

I won’t hide this from you. Personally, I actively search for blogging advice anytime I’m online.

This is simply because I want to learn as much as possible about blogging. And I want to pick the brains of as many of those guys who have gone ahead before me as possible.

Your attitude to blogging advice matters.

Repeat that after me.

My own attitude to blogging advice can be summarized in four sentences.

  • Accessing advice on blogging is a must for me if I really wish to become a successful blogger.
  • A large quantum of the advice on blogging out there is great.
  • Not all blogging advice is good advice.
  • Not all good blogging advice is good for me.

Based on the above, below are the ways I go about treating all those tips I get concerning how to become a successful blogger.

I trust that you will take a cue from them as you try to weave your way through the loads of blogging tips you encounter online.

So, here we go!

I make sure I don’t get overwhelmed.

The sheer number of blogging advice blogs and the multitudes of free tips they offer can easily get you confused. I don’t let that happen to me lest I lose focus.

So what do I do? I’ve selected and bookmarked a few good ones and I keep going back to them anytime I’m in a quandary.

Then once in a while, I search for something fresh. You want to make sure that you’re not losing out on some great advice out there.

I like to crosscheck the facts.

It helps to compare what one “blogging guru” is telling you with what a couple others are trumpeting. That’s especially so if they try to sell you stuff. Always make sure you’re not shortchanged. It happens.

I put my unique strategy and style into perspective.

While it’s good to tweak your blog to follow the tips and resources being offered you, never lose sight of the fact that the best way to stand out from the blogging crowd is to put your personal stamp on what you’re doing.

Take the advice, if you may, but implement it your way.

I have a reservoir of blogging tips to use later.

This is what you must be doing. The advice may sound great but the time may not be right for you to use it. In some cases, you will have to wait to start another dream blog in a totally different niche in order to benefit from that advice.

Don’t rush to instantly implement any kind of blogging advice you find online.

What do you think about this whole issue of blogging advice? Let your unique voice be heard. Write a comment below.

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