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Top 5 Reasons to Publish Online

So you want to publish online those wonderful ideas in your head? Well, I have some good news for you.

There are many aspects of the online publishing industry that you can enter even now. You may publish ebooks or e-courses and sell them for some income. You can also become a blogger.

The number of people who have joined the fray to publish whatever information they have online is growing rapidly.

For example, SoftwareFindr has estimated that as at 2018, the total number of blogs on the internet was around 505 million.

Well, that’s definitely not a small number to brush aside. And each day, even as you’re reading this post, dozens of blogs are coming onto the internet.

So the question is what is it about online publishing or blogging that is attracting so many to decide to publish online?

The truth is there are many benefits to gain when one decides to publish online.

You too can profit from blogging or online publishing. This is the reason I want to show you just a few reasons why you should go ahead and start publishing online.

1. Learn profitable skills

Personally, I have been learning some new skills since I started blogging. I believe these will open more income generating opportunities for me in the near future.

As I continue to publish online, I have learnt how to create real, super-SEO content.

In fact, many of my Study Guides blog posts, for example, rank very high on Google. A lot are on the first page, almost at the very top.

What this means is that I’m gradually building a solid portfolio that I can leverage later on if I decide to become an SEO-content freelance writer.

Additionally, through a lot of trials and errors I’m quickly acquiring very useful skills in website design and customization.

I have also learned how to write better, especially for an online audience.

You too can learn these skills which are in high demand in today’s gig economy.

2. You will gain authority and recognition when you publish online.

These days, people who have one pain point or the other and are searching for solutions to such, prefer to deal with experts in those fields.

They feel more comfortable with people who have something to prove that they truly know what they are talking about. Interestingly, all they want is some evidence that their chosen expert has been walking the talk, so to speak.

Internet surfers in need of solutions to their personal problems want to deal with experts that exude confidence and display adequate knowledge in their area.

The best place people are searching for their solutions today is the internet. It is never in academic circles anymore. The day of high-sounding academic jargon that ordinary folks like us can hardly comprehend are over.

It is ordinary bloggers and other online publishers that are now dishing out solutions to queries posed by millions of internet surfers through simple, easy-to-understand language.

Why? Because the typical online publisher knows how to cater for the real needs of their audience. Bloggers, ebook writers, ecourse developers, life coaches and so on demonstrate their helpful, practical abilities through the information products they publish regularly.

And  they gain recognition and authority for that.

That is why people are willing to pay large sums of money to access practical, solution-based information online.

Therefore, you too will become an information guru in your area of interest when you begin to publish online.

You will now become what they love to call in these circles “the go-to person”. An online guru in no dodgy field.

  How does that feel? Awesome, right?

And if you decide to monetize your blog, hey, you will at least see some money oozing its way into your accounts while you, the expert, are fast asleep.

That takes me to my next point.

3. Publish online to make passive income.

We make passive income when the money flows in, while we are no longer putting in much effort. Passive income is the opposite of active income, if you like.

People who make passive income do so due to some upfront investment of time and energy the might have made.

The good news is that blogging or online publishing income operates on the passive income model.

Let me give you an example.

Assuming you wrote an awesome article about a topic you have enough knowledge about. You went ahead to insert a couple of affiliate links here and there. You published this article and moved on to pay attention to other equally important things in your life.

Now, while you’re doing all these other things, your super-awesome article is there online attracting Google and all  those crawlers. People searching for your kind of information easily see your article. They love it! They keep coming back. On each occasion, some of these visitors to your site are clicking and taking real, purchasing action on your affiliate links.

Every time you wake up from snoring (or you return from wherever(, you find out that there is money waiting for you. You’ve earned some affiliate income from a past effort you have even forgotten about!

Well, well … that exactly is the beauty and magic of passive income. Like many online publishers out there, you too stand a good chance to make passive income when you publish and monetize your stuff online.

If you’re a student, you can use online publishing as a means to generating some passive income to take care of your needs. Don’t you think so?

4. Release and free your mind from bottled up emotions.

Let me be sincere with you. One fundamental factor that has motivated me to publish online is to find an outlet for my ideas and emotions.

It is not good for our health, for example, to keep things that need to come out on our minds and hearts.

Each time you let out your ideas onto your blog through the magic of your fingers meeting your keyboard, you will have gone through one big healing process.

For me, writing and publishing are therapeutic. I don’t like talking much. So I release my emotions – positive and negative – by publishing them online. My blog helps me to do this through the medium of words.

So, if for nothing at all, the benefit of unburdening your mind and heart of emotions that can hurt you psychologically, should be enough reason to publish online.

5. Learn from other cultures

The day you decide to begin to publish online is also the day you have decided to become an active member of a huge, multi-cultural global community.

If you are an introvert like me, then this is a good opportunity for you to interact with human beings on your own terms.

There is a lot to gain emotionally and even culturally from meeting people whose way of life is different than ours.

One thing is sure, on a daily basis, every blogger gains a greater insight and becomes more knowledgeable regarding global trends. Every online publisher learns a great deal about people from distant corners of the world that others may never even think of.

If it is true that knowledge makes one more enlightened, civilized and appreciative of the views of others (I believe so), then online publishing is worth it.

For students and all those who value lifelong learning, blogging is one more way of accessing more knowledge. This knowledge will help you to do better academically or to improve your life as a whole.

This last point alone should give you enough reason to take action to begin to publish online – the sooner the better.

Final word

It is a great feeling to see that your thoughts, your views and your knowledge are out there on the internet 24/7. It is refreshing for me personally to know that I am now able to publish what I want.

As a young boy growing up, the only ambition I ever cherished was to become a writer and publisher. But circumstances would not allow me to do so the traditional authoring way.

And, hello! The internet came along. Now you and I can publish our stuff online and enjoy all the benefits and for all the great reasons I’ve outlined above.

There is nothing stopping you. Go ahead and let the world benefit from all that you have to offer. Because, frankly, the world needs your ideas way more than you will ever, ever, imagine.

Thank you!

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