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How to Create More Blog Posts from Another Post

Today you have the golden opportunity to learn how to create more blog posts from your already published posts.

As a blogger you’re a writer, right? Writers are reputed to suffer from a condition called writer’s block.

I hear this phrase quite often and it is said to refer to a kind of a period of writing drought; if you’ll permit my bizarre metaphor.

To my understanding, the writer’s block is that moment when, for a variety of reasons, they’re unable to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and let their creative genius do what it does best – churn out stories, ideas and emotions through words.

There are ways to overcome writer’s block, so, not much of a big deal anymore.

Is it the same with blogger’s block?

If you’re a blogger, it’s likely that on more than one occasion, you lacked the zeal and that creative power to write and publish your posts.

That should be called blogger’s block, right?

Whatever we decide to call our moment of loss of interest or energy to blog does not really matter. I think what matters is how to quickly overcome the condition of having no motivation to write.

You must learn how you can create more ideas or topics to get back to doing what you love to do.

I have written this article to show you how I’m able to take any one of my posts right from the bottom of the archives and fish out as many as five or more fresh topics from it.

A blog post is like a Pandora’s box – but in a positive way.

If you split your blog post open or turn it upside down you’ll be surprised at the sheer number of fresh major topics that will begin to come to the fore.

Here are some examples of the parts of an existing post that can give you the inspiration to create more blog posts.

1. Create more blog posts from the various sub-headings in your old article.

Some time ago, I published an article on a number of reasons it feels great to be self-employed.

Now, let me show you something. I can easily generate many new topics and go on to create more blog posts from the subheadings. Then I will fill  them with their own great ideas from this article’s subheadings.

I have subheadings like:

  • control over the level of your income
  • no fear of being fired
  • no bossy bosses
  • ability to have more quiet time for yourself especially if you’re an introvert
  • ability to create jobs for others

Now, I can quickly create a new post topic which goes like:

  • 5 No-Nonsense Ways to Take Control Over Your Income Level as a Solopreneur.

Here is another:

  • 4 Surefire Ways You Can Avoid The Firing Squad at Your Workplace.

Look at this one too:

  • Top 10 Ways To Begin To Create Jobs for Others

I believe by now you’re beginning to get my point.

Believe you me, you can create powerful, SEO-friendly, high traffic standalone blog posts from virtually all the above subheadings if only you put in a little bit of mental effort.

That’s exactly the same thing you can do from your own blog posts! Easy, isn’t it?

2. A single sentence in one of your paragraphs can present you with your eureka moment.

Consider this sentence from my blog post, The 7 Pillars of Online Article Writing:

You can only keep your online reader interested in what you’re telling them if you can say it in short, direct sentences and paragraphs.

Looking at this sentence, I can pick a new topic,

  • 5 Critical Things You Need to Do to Sustain Your Reader’s Interest in Your Blog Posts

3. Readers’ comments are a goldmine to find more blog post ideas!

It’s very likely that you’ve already realized this one. So this is just a reminder. We all need to be reminded once in a while, don’t we?

However, if this is your first time of getting to know this, then all I can tell you is this. You will be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of blog post ideas hidden inside your readers’ comments.

Let’s take this comment from missdagaartigirl.com, a fashion blogger whose posts I’ve grown to love so much, on one of my posts on my erstwhile WordPress.com (FREE) blog.

“I’m working on point 2 doing 5 most important things before midday.”

It’s like the author of this comment has given me a golden gift on a silver platter!

So quickly I began to develop a new blog post under the title,

  • 5 Most Important Things Everyone Must Do Before Midday To Have a Highly Productive Day

The above are just three of the many ways you can generate new ideas for fresh, killer posts. All you need to do is occasionally go back to take a cursory look at your published blog posts.

Why don’t you give it a try? You will never be short of blog post ideas anymore. And, who knows, your blogger’s block could be a thing of the past.

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Thank you.

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