How to Add Affiliate Banner Ads to Your WordPress Site

How to Add Affiliate Banner Ads to Your WordPress Site

I am going to  show you how to display affiliate banner ads inside your WordPress blog post/page.

If you are a beginner blogger, chances are that you have started thinking about how you can display affiliate banner ads on your blog/page.

The reason is simple. You have to begin to make money blogging.

The truth no serious blogger can run away from is this: There are certain blogging expenses that every blogger will incur.

Just take a look at the list of blogging costs below.


Broadband/Internet connection




Traffic. Yes, traffic is there for you to buy if that’s what you want.




Food. You can’t blog on an empty stomach.

Health. Moreover, the task of blogging will affect your health in ways you may never expect.

These are basic necessities for the average blog that you will eventually have to begin paying for.

They will help you not only to stay in the game of blogging but also to thrive and become a successful blogger.

It is because of these blogging costs that even a beginner blogger with a reasonable amount of traffic must begin to monetize their blog.

We all need some blogging income as quickly as possible to pay for all these essential blogging costs.

One sure way to earn an income from your blog is to become an affiliate marketer for a number of brands.

Display Affiliate Banner Ads On Your Posts/Pages and Widget Areas

When you are able to get approval from an affiliate network or two, then your visitors can now click on your banner ads, go on to make a purchase and allow you to pick up some dollars in the form of commissions.

Doesn’t it sound good?

But for a newbie blogger, everything can be very confusing. I mean those codes and those instructions that hardly explain the process to you in your layman’s language.

This is why you’re lucky to be here.

I have already done the research, practiced the results and succeeded in my effort to paste affiliate codes anywhere in my blog posts. So I will just show you how to do it without having to torture your brain with tech jargon.

How I Learnt to Display Affiliate Banner Ads on My Website

Personally, I had to make several attempts before I finally discovered the best method to display affiliate banner ads inside my WordPress website.

To be sincere with you, I nearly gave up. Because every attempt I made to paste the codes from an affiliate network I had just joined wouldn’t work.

It was quite a frustrating experience.

If you have been going through a similar experience you will readily understand what I mean.

But I don’t give up easily. I really love a challenge. So I kept on coming back and doing as much research as I could. What finally saved me was this article.

However, I still consider the contents of that article to be too technical for the newbie blogger hence my decision to simplify the process for my layman readers who are only looking for clear instructions to follow.

Since then, it’s been smooth-sailing. Now I paste affiliate codes on my WordPress website (without a plugin) with cheeky ease. I can easily display affiliate banner ads anywhere I choose on my blog.

This is exactly what I’m here to help you to do. It is really easy to display affiliate banner ads on a WordPress site without a plugin.

Steps to Display Affiliate Banner Ads Inside a Blog Post/Page

Please note: You must first apply and obtain approval to become an affiliate marketer for a merchant/advertiser or in an affiliate marketing network.

I personally got my approval from a sizeable number of advertisers when I applied to join Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Marketing.

It is relatively easy to do so if your website meets the basic requirements to become an affiliate marketer.

As soon as you become an approved affiliate marketer, you can follow these easy steps to display affiliate banner ads inside your blog posts and pages.

Once again, do not expect the usual tech-jargon you will find on other how-to blogs from me. I am a tech novice just like you. No?

Well, at least you’re here to learn how to display affiliate banner ads so this is only what matters. My layman language and steps will certainly be enough.

So here we go.

Assuming you are dealing with Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network, the following are the steps to follow to insert affiliate links into your pages.

Don’t worry. The process is pretty much the same for all other affiliate programs and networks. So you can replicate anywhere the process I am about to show you.

Paste Affiliate Links/Codes on Your Blog With Ease

  • Log in to your affiliate marketing account.

Go to PROGRAMS in the top menu bar. Just hover your mouse over it.

  • Click on MY ADVERTISERS in the drop-down menu that will appear.

A complete list of all the advertisers/merchants who have given you approval to advertise their products and services will appear on your screen.

  • Click on the advertiser whose affiliate banner ad you wish to display on your site.

A new screen will appear.

Choose any one of the AVAILABLE OFFERS you see by simply clicking on it.

Note that you’re, at this time, only learning how to display affiliate banner ads. Therefore, simplify things and master the process. That’s all.

When the right time comes, you can do all the crazy tweaking, shifting and editing every adventurous blogger is known for.

So leave that now for another day. All we want to do now is to practice how to display affiliate banner ads on a blog post/page.

Let’s move on, shall we?

  • Click on LINKS. It is right there below our previous OFFERS.

This will instantly present you with LINK TYPES

You will see BANNERS/IMAGES with a corresponding figure. This is the number of affiliate ad banners available to your good self. Lucky you!

  • For our purposes here, simply click on that number. It could be 3, 7, 45 or any other figure.

Please don’t go clicking on every clickable link you find on this page. I want us to remain focused.

Simplicity and self-discipline are still our watchwords, don’t forget. You can try all other tricks another time. First things first, okay? Good.

Your Affiliate Banner Ad Images Should Now Appear

You are about to perform your own magic. Surely, and very soon, at least one of these images will display on your site.

Next step.

  • Tick the tiny box behind your preferred affiliate ad banner.

Just choose one and leave the rest. You will learn to perform greater affiliate marketing feats in due course.

There is no need to rush things at this moment. Build your foundation first.

In the far corner of your screen, you will see GET LINK. You may as well scroll down to the bottom of the last banner to see GET LINK. They are the same.

  • Click on GET LINK

Another screen appears. There you have it. I mean your HTML CODE. That confusing and most dreaded combination of everything you can find on a keyboard. We all dread it, don’t we?

Well, thankfully, you and I do not need to know what it means in order to copy it and allow it to perform the only magic we want to experience on our site. There and then.

So go ahead.

Put your mouse cursor at the very beginning of that code and simply click on it. You have now highlighted the affiliate link code.

  • Right-click on the highlighted code and click COPY.

Please note: For some other affiliate programs like HostGator, there is a COPY ICON for you to click on to automatically copy the code to your clipboard.

I promised not to use tech-jargon, right? We are all human after all. Let’s continue to finally display the affiliate banner  ad on your blog.

Get back to your site’s dashboard and choose one post to edit.

You may as well start a new blog post altogether. But we want to get this done very quickly. That is why I suggest you pick an existing post to edit.

Now you are about to edit your post as you normally do. What is special this time is that you are inserting an affiliate banner ad link/code.

  • Click on the spot inside the blog post or page where you want your banner to be. You can insert characters like ###### or ******* here. This is just to make you later recognize where you want to place your banner ad.
  • On the post/page editor taskbar (I mean the top area with things like PARAGRAPH, BOLD, ITALICS, BULLETS, INSERT LINK,, TEXT COLOR etc.),  look to the far right corner and click on TEXT (just after VISUAL).

That confusing thing again! No need to panic. Your darling post is secure. It has just been transformed into HTML code.

When you click on VISUAL, it will return to “normal”. So do not fear. Ignore it and move on.

Look for the spot that you chose to insert the copied code and simply PASTE. I think you know how to paste a copied item. Just a reminder:

  • Right-click on your mouse and then click on PASTE.
  • Now go ahead and click on UPDATE/SAVE as you normally do whenever you edit an existing post.

You have just displayed your affiliate banner ad in your post!

Click on VIEW POST or on VISUAL in the editor to see your affiliate banner.

You have done it! You now know how to easily display affiliate ad banners on a blog post/page.

That’s it.

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