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7 Interesting Outcomes of a Good Online Article

Online article writing and publishing may not be rocket science. But surely, it isn’t a child’s play either.

To produce and publish super web-buster online content that will resonate with an online audience takes a lot of brain work and much physical exertion to accomplish.

When you’ve done all that you can, hit publish, go to bed, and just like old man Rip Van Winkle, sleep till eternity. Right? No. Wrong.

You haven’t done much yet.

Really? Yes.

All you’ve finished doing now is take the first step on your journey to the destination we call “successful online article writer”.

There is so much more to do. The good news is that you can actually pull it off. Big time. Trust me.

Is it that easy? Yes, I do believe. Just look at the millions of successful online content making billions of hard, cold dollars each day.

Millions of human beings like you and me are publishing them. If they can, then you and I too can. Don’t you think so?

My “success” on FREE WordPress.com

I put success in the arms of those marks you see up there because … because … free WordPress.com earned me no penny in spite of my bragging.

But brag I will. Here we go.

Before I said one big good bye to my FREE WordPress.com blog, I was massing an average of a thousand page-views a day. This may not be much; going by certain standards, but its a huge one for me personally.

My articles showed on the first pages of most Google search results in my niche. Many times, my posts actually led the pack! Yes, far ahead of the others- mostly self-hosted websites.

I believe I did something right. Whatever it was, it never broke my back. Though I can tell you it wasn’t a child’s play. But it worked. So it can work again even on this blog.

Anyone can produce a successful online article

That is why I believe anyone can do the magic. Anyone can produce the kind of blog article that will make them become successful online publishers.

But for you to become a successful online writer, your writing first needs to be a success.

Sure, one goes after the other. Even in the world of e-writing, the cart must always stay behind the horse.

You can’t have it the opposite way. Never. So I am now going to tell you the key attributes of a successful online article.

Knowing what you need to do to have an online publishing success story to tell one day is key. And it’s all about coming up with blog posts which have the below attributes and outcomes.

Your particular blogging platform does not matter much.

It does not really matter whether you are a blogger on a free blogging platform like WordPress.com, Blogspot.com or Wixsite.com or you are on your own self-hosted platform on WordPress.org, for example.

You may even be a guest author for an online magazine such as Medium, Ezine Articles and so on.

So far as you are publishing your ideas online, you will have to follow certain basic principles to become a successful online article writer.

The key outcomes of a successful online article

Let me tell you about my understanding of what a successful online article is.

  • Ranks high on Google and other search engines and stays up there for a long time
  • Attracts an increasing number of visitors and page-views
  • Generates in readers more interest in the author’s other works – online or offline
  • Shared or re-blogged on other social media platforms
  • Goes viral for weeks or months.
  • Generates various forms of income for the author if he or she is a professional blogger.
  • Attracts compliments from family and friends.

You can see that I’m not mentioning likes or even comments. In my opinion, likes, in particular, cannot be considered a yardstick for how successful an online article is.

In fact, on WordPress.com, your other colleagues on this platform may “like” your articles without bothering to visit your site or read the article.

That is how porous those likes are like. No pun intended.

Are you  still thinking of making it big as a digital publisher? Then begin with the first essential step.

Write and publish your first awesome online article today.

And do not forget to share this post.


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