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Top 6 Helpful Lessons for Beginner Bloggers

This post was first published in April 2019. At that time, I had just migrated from my FREE WordPress.com site to a brand new self-hosted one – barely a couple of weeks before. You can learn key lessons for beginner bloggers here. For sentimental reasons, I’ve decided to keep it in its original form, even though I have made significant strides since. We all have a past. IT’S GOOD TO ACCEPT THIS AND REMAIN HUMBLE- ALWAYS.

Yes. This is certainly my special territory in the vast blogging world.

Maybe you have your own or you’re currently trying to create your own blogger’s home online.

DISCLOSURE. There are affiliate links on this site. What this means is that if you click on a product link and end up purchasing an item, I will earn a commission. This will not result in any extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the very hard work I put into this site.

Whatever your situation may be at this moment, you can still benefit from the lessons for beginner bloggers I’m about to share with you.

It does not really matter where you are on the blogging journey at this point in time.

What matters is that you have come to a place where much of what you’ll encounter would give you extra power and energy to keep doing that which we both love – blogging to the max!

It is easy to think that blogging is easy. But it isn’t.

My discoveries so far …

Here are some of the discoveries I’ve so far made about this whole blogging exercise. I know they are useful blogging lessons for beginner bloggers.

Amateur bloggers and professional online content producers alike know or have experienced these facts of blogging.

Some have encountered them the hard way. Through costly lessons.

And others?

They do so while they simply do the trial and error thing trying to figure out if blogging is really the right cup of tea for them.

I think I’ve all along been in the trial and error category until a couple of days ago.

And as I now strive to get more professional in order to monetize my blog, I have realized that the lessons are nowhere near the end.

My blogger’s lessons

The lessons from blogging have just begun for me, actually.

So let me begin this blog for sharing my blogging lessons with anybody who cares to know by outlining some discoveries I’ve made about blogging or online content creation or digital publishing or internet entrepreneurship or simply the laptop lifestyle. Wow!

NB. I use a desktop and I can’t see myself using a laptop anytime soon. The whole thing makes me feel awkward in a way. That’s all.

Am I old-fashioned? Maybe.

I bought myself my first computer – a desktop – almost fifteen years ago. A desktop is still what I feel comfortable with.

Okay. So here are my discoveries about blogging. Take them really seriously. That is, if your intention is to stick around as a blogger for a long time to come. Because, trust me, there are useful lessons for beginner bloggers right here.

  • Blogging is fun. I love what I’m doing right now. Just typing my awesome ideas away.
  • Blogging is tedious work – back-breaking, to put it mildly. If you haven’t realized this unpleasant truth yet, don’t panic. You can handle it. It’s all about being smart with how much time you spend sitting or standing while you blog.
  • Blogging thieves are everywhere. We have the small time blogging pick-pockets and we also have the hardened spammers, buglers, and hackers who would do unspeakable things to your darling content without any feeling of remorse.
  • Blogging is rewarding – you’ll learn a lot from blogging. You can also make some money if you do things right. In fact some of the figures posted online by some established bloggers are staggering. I HOPE to get there eventually. Say Amen to that before we continue.
  • Blogging is not for people who lack self-discipline. You will quit in no time. So assess your attributes and ask around as to what it takes to be a successful or promising digital publisher before you begin.
  • Finally, blogging is the introvert’s greatest source of redemption. If you’re an introvert like yours truly, you will know what I mean by that. Blogging makes the blogger live in their own world of virtual friends and colleagues, learning classrooms, research libraries and what have you!

The above are just a minute slice of all the wonderful and not-so-palatable discoveries I’ve so far made about blogging.

Successful? Not yet. Potential – Huge!

Mind you, I won’t call myself a successful blogger at this time. The lessons for beginner bloggers have just started for me. More are on their way.

I blogged for about a year without attracting much traffic. Then one day in February 2018, I published a blog post which turned my blogging life around.

As I added similar posts, the stats jumped to the sky in no time.

My stats suddenly hit the moon.

Twenty-one thousand views was what I got for the month of March 2019 alone. But then, it was all on FREE WORDPRESS.COM.

I couldn’t profit from my efforts, so I started losing interest till I bought my very first self-hosted domain and then this one too.

Now, let’s see  how it all pans out.

But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy sharing my two-year blogging experiences with you.

I’ll definitely be giving you real-time updates as I continue doing what I’ve come to love more than my life – BLOGGING TO THE MAX!

JUST ONE REQUEST … Please share this post on your favourite social media platform. I will forever remain grateful to you for this kind gesture. Thank you!

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