7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Every business needs a blog in today’s digital marketing environment. Today, without a blog, it’s like telling everyone who passes by your business these self-defeating words:”Sorry, we’re closed. Try my competitor down the road, please.” The stats are compelling. It does not matter whether your business is an offline brick and mortar venture or an…Read More

6 Best Free WordPress Plugins for An Education Blog

My education blog is called CegastAcademy.com. Over there, we focus on providing our readership with lifelong learning tools and resources. The majority of our visitors and customers are current and former senior high school students from West Africa and other parts of the world. We also serve adult learners and teachers who are looking for…Read More

3 Super Simple Ways to Attract More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Let’s talk about some of the simplest ways anyone can attract more traffic to their website in 2020 and beyond. I’ve learnt that apart from the usual SEO-friendly stuff, (sometimes too technical for blogging dummies like me), there are very practical but equally powerful ways to attract more traffic and pageviews to your blog. Please…Read More

How Your Own Mindset is Preventing You From Becoming a Blogger

Tell me exactly what is stopping your becoming a blogger. I am more than convinced that the greatest culprit is your mindset. So let’s talk about how your own mindset is preventing you from becoming a blogger. Here are the thoughts in the mind which make it difficult for many self-publishing wannabes to take the…Read More

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